Burgundy & Brown

Maybe it happened in a dream, but I seriously remember doing a post about burgundy and brown in a past post!  Didn’t I?

Well, since I can’t find it, I’ll just have to do it again!

Wrapunzel Burgundy Brown Tichel Andrea Grinberg

My family had a crazzzzy wacko day.  It started off with my phone refusing to work so I couldn’t do my scheduled calls/meetings, then became a day that we needed to take off our regular work schedules because my husband is in search of a better violin (if anyone has gone through this process you can imagine how much more time consuming it is; we were prepared for this, but not prepared for how much more time consuming it is when you’re no longer a student and have a baby), then lo and behold my husband’s phone decided to also go loco while in the suburbs of DC and we got majorly lost, only to get back on track, charge phone, go to the violin dealerships (Shalomy loved it!) and then have his phone fizz out again in the middle of an unfamiliar neighborhood in Baltimore.  We just got back home at 10pm with new phones thank Gd, both of us wondering at what Hashem was trying to teach us during this odd, obstacle-y, ironic, fun, and gratitude-filled day.

In front of an instrument shop
In front of an instrument shop

Anyway, my outfit today made me happy… love this color combo!  I also loved pairing some new accessories together; the plaid headband and the new flower pin looked great with the lakeshore bliss and the burgundy 2 in 1!  I had a super cozy sweater that I wore most of the day when it was cold, but my husband snapped these photos when the sun was out 🙂

Wrapunzel Burgundy Brown Tichel Andrea Grinberg

Here are some photos of my tichel in a violin shop!  (You can’t see here, but Shalomy is crawling at my feet 😛 )

Hope you all had a great day!

Love, Andrea

15 thoughts on “Burgundy & Brown

  1. Esther ross

    , what am I going to do I’m engaged to an amazing man in London England and I’ve always then a woman who wore scarves on my head and when you came to Detroit you did wrap my head in front of everybody else it was great, but this wonderful gentleman had a wonderful wife who passed away from cancer and she had to wear scarves and he kind of told me in a nice way you would rather me only wear. Sheitail .I must have at least 2 300 scarves I mean I love my life matching it is obsession. I’m a florist and I have to be perfect I find myself in the most interesting situation because I just don’t know what to do.
    Esther Ross


  2. Sora Simblist

    Yes I remember you talking about burgundy and brown but I think it was in a tutorial for something else not specifically for that topic you’re not crazy

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. We have a Mario Frosali Violin, but it is worth 10-20 k, so lovely husband probably wouldn’t want it. It was bought by my FIL in 1926, we have all of the original paperwork. Maybe your husband could tell us where we could get a new appraisal on it?
    Anyway I remember when you did the burgandy/ brown combo, and it looked great then and it ooks great now. I am glad that your crazy day is ov

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  4. Katiska

    Hi Andrea, your blog is literally a god’s bless for me. I’m a 19-year-old girl from Finland and no one here wears a headscarf (the only ones who do are the few muslims that live here, but i’m just a native finn who has no “reason” to wear a scarf). I fell in love with turbans many years ago, but just recently i found the courage to start wearing one. I personally love the look of it and i think it suits me, but i feel the stares of people every single day. Yesterday an old lady even came up to me and pulled my scarf asking “is this some kind of muslim-thing?”. I have come close to giving up my scarfs, but your blog gives me so much hope and ideas that i think i will keep wearing them 🙂


    1. JohannaHS

      Hi Katiska, a woman from Finland here. I’m fortunate, no one has done such stupid thing to me – pulling my scarf or like that. I get looks, yes, and sometimes someone asks, but I guess mostly in a friendly and curious manner. Maybe because I am in my forties, not a girl anymore…
      You, keep on going!


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