The Gigi! A Sassy Side-Knot Wrap

This morning, Wrapunzelista Gigi Bergman posting the following photos on our Fangroup of an amazing style she created:

We loved it so much that we couldn’t wait to try it ourselves! Gigi generously agreed that we could share her technique in a video – so here it is! Naomi Rose is pretty convinced that it’s the cutest, sassiest, and most chic wrap she’s ever tied and will be wearing it for the rest of the day. Probably tomorrow, too. Enjoy!!!


**Note: In Gigi’s photos, she’s wearing a square scarf as the second scarf in the wrap. This works equally well! (You can just tie it kerchief-style and tuck in the ends underneath). She also did the knot on the far side of her head, which is another option to explore. Lots of room for experimentation here!


13 thoughts on “The Gigi! A Sassy Side-Knot Wrap

  1. Tammy

    So so so fantastic!!! Thank you!
    P.s. Naomi, I have such trouble hearing your voice….is it just me? My volumes are all up 🙂


    1. Naomi Rose

      Hi Tammy! That’s strange, it should be okay – my mic isn’t the best quality but the video plays okay on my computer! Maybe try a different computer if you have a chance and see if it changes anything?


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  3. I tried this today with a peach and green flower scarf on the bottom and a peach and gold Israeli tichel on top. I left tails on the opposite side of the knot, and braided them. I thought it would turn out to be too much, but it is really lovely! It lengthened my face (which is great since I have chubby third-trimester cheeks right now). I just started wrapping and usually only wear one scarf (most often an Israeli tichel in a bun/snood style), and this is my first double scarf. Easy and comfy!


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