Some Formal Outfit Inspiration!

I’m always a fan of outfits that look great at a formal occasion whilst being practical, comfortable, and easy to move in!  This is what I wore on Shabbat – the same outfit on both days, but a different tichel in the evening and during the day!  I am seriously loving this Instant WOW! Satin Clip… I never thought to try clipping it at the back of my head, but it worked beautifully and also kept the tails out of my way (and away from chubby grabbing baby hands).

Here’s how I wore it on Friday night: (here is the tutorial for this wrap – just added the clip to cover the elastic!)

And here is during the day with the clip at the back!

Shabbat Formal Wrapunzel

And here’s the outfit that worked with both!  Please excuse the tired face… it was a blissfully long and meaningful day!

These outfits and wraps would also be just as at home at a wedding.  Yay!

Can’t wait for what this new week brings!
Love, Andrea

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