Criss Cross Crown Tutorial – aka the Triple C!!

The Triple C Wrapunzel Wrap
Heather rockin the TRIPLE C!

We love Heather!  She came up with the moniker “The DB” for the double braid!  Up until now, we haven’t had any tutorials by her… just a wonderful lady wrap star post.  But… but this wrap she came up with is AMAZING!!  She calls it the “Triple C” aka Criss Cross Crown!  Now this is a way to make those shimmeries look even more amazing!

11 thoughts on “Criss Cross Crown Tutorial – aka the Triple C!!

    1. Heather

      Yes, The Shimmery. I always confuse it with Shinylicious, but really, you can use any two long rectangle scarves ❤


    1. Heather

      They are Wrapunzel “The Shimmery.” Not sure the exact measurements, but I believe they are listed on the website.


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  2. Great tutorial! Thank you, Heather!
    This wrap combines two of my favourite elements: criss-cross in the front, and a twist for more height on top 🙂


  3. Meira E. Schneider-Atik

    I tried the triple-C yesterday and today and I found a variation that made it a bit easier for me. Instead of twisting each tail and wrapping them on top, I took the two tails off to one side, twisted them together, and then brought them over the crown and tucked the ends underneath. I think this wrap looks great either way.


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