A True Wrapunzel <3

What is a true Wrapunzel tichel tie?  It’s a tie that makes your unique inner light shine.  It’s a wrap that you feel comfortable in – like you can take on your world and really be yourself!  It’s different for everyone: a regal turban for one woman, wild layers for another, or a simple low bun for someone else.  It’s definitely a journey to finding what really works for YOU – for some, it happens instantly, and for others it takes more time.  That quintessential Wrapunzel style is also going to evolve as you grow and change.

A Quintessential Wrapunzel Andrea Wrap!
A Quintessential Wrapunzel Andrea Wrap!

Yesterday, for our annual shul picnic, I needed to wear something appropriate for a farm setting, but also formal enough since my husband and I were playing a little concert for everyone at the end of the evening.  Picking out what to wear was really difficult: it had to have a skirt long and wide enough for cello playing, a top that was good for nursing, yet light enough layers and colors to deal with the heat, and something that wouldn’t show stains since I was going to be eating, in the grass, and with baby Shalomy.  And what to wear on my head?  Usually getting dressed is a quick process for me, but this definitely took more time than usual.  But I am SO happy with what I decided on.  I felt great for the whole day!

Here’s what I wore on my head.  A dark gold shimmery (these were a limited color… if we can find more I will seriously cry from joy! ) a dark blue Dewdrop, sunblossom pin, and a navy sari sash.

And here is my outfit (and a chubby baby hand!)

Wrapunzel Tichel Andrea Grinberg
Loved this outfit!!

Wishing you all the best on your journeys of discovering how to cover in order to shine your brightest!  I’m right here with you and so glad we can go on this trip together!

Love, Andrea

21 thoughts on “A True Wrapunzel <3

  1. Meira Atik

    I love this look on you. But I’m not sure if there’s just one wrap that really covers it all for me. It depends on the weather and on the context. When it’s colder, I love different versions of the turban wrap. When it’s warmer, I love the basic round wrap or the chignon with just one scarf.


  2. Rene

    I love your wardrobe so much! What I’m curious about though is how you nurse? Do you just find a secluded spot? That part about modesty is the hardest for me. It always seems when my baby gets hungry is when I can’t find a place to be alone.


    1. I have a cover – it’s basically a silk wrap skirt that I got in Israel and it covers me completely. Or I go into the car. It’s definitely a challenge! If you’re out shopping, you can go into change rooms at clothing stores 🙂


  3. JohannaHS

    In my opinion, a mother nursing her baby is always modest. Nursing a baby is the most modest thing in the world. So i nursed where ever i was when baby was hungry.


  4. I admire the thought you put into every aspect of your attire needs that day. You had an attractive outfit that was entirely modest. I’m sure all eyes were on you (and Shalomy) and your playing was as lovely to hear as you were to see. You represent a true lady and strong woman. Thanks for sharing the story behind the outfit. They go together harmoniously!


  5. Denise VanWoerkom

    I’ve just discovered Wrapunzel and am loving it!
    I’m Catholic, but grew up with Jewish family friends and I played the cello! I wore chapel veils at Mass and am happy that custom is regaining popularity. Haven’t worn a tichel yet, but practicing and hope to someday!

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