Dewdrop Sparkle Bliss!!

So I have a confession to make:  I actually don’t have that extensive of a tichel collection!  I’m not sure why, but I have a hard time actually getting myself Wrapunzel tichels to wear!  Maybe because I’m so motivated to get all of them to you ladies!  A friend pointed this out recently, and I decided to take the plunge and actually acquire some Dewrdrop Sparkle tichels for my collection… am I ever glad that I did!  I decided to try some super adventurous combos over Shabbat, and wow!  The results were so much fun!

For Friday night, I would have never put the Grey Dewdrop and Pumpkin Pashmina together until I saw this shirt!

Dewdrop Sparkle Wrapunzel
Check out this unlikely combo!

But paired with this shirt, it worked perfectly!

On Shabbat day, I REALLY wanted to try the dewdrop in Magenta.  Those that know me know that I tend to shy away from pinks… it’s just not a color that calls me, but this pink is dark enough that I felt it giving me a nudge!  And wow, did it ever go well with my skin tone!  The colors aren’t so great in these photos because it was after dark, but hopefully you can get the gist!  I think this may become the new ‘it’ color combo!!  (I paired it with a light teal shimmery.)

Dewdrop Sparkle Wrapunzel

And just for giggles, my husband snapped a photo of me yawning 😛

Hope you’re all having the loveliest weekend!!!

11 thoughts on “Dewdrop Sparkle Bliss!!

  1. Love the pink and teal combo…just curious, do you shop at Zulily? I have gotten a few scarves there for pretty good prices ( also a shirt in the same style you are wearing . ;D


    1. Obviously I don’t buy scarves there (buying scarves at non tichel stores online is always a shot in the dark – you never know if they’re gonna work as tichels!) but yeah I’ve gotten quite a few tops from there!


  2. Chanah

    Andrea, the fact that you don’t have an extensive tichel collection says some very good things about you. I wish I were better about weeding out the ones I don’t wear, and actually get them to leave the house! I think it is better to have fewer that you love, rather than a whole bunch in which many don’t get worn.

    Other than that, I think those look great on you. I especially love the teal and magenta combination. The grey and the orange together works surprisingly well!

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  3. Meira Atik

    That pashmina you’re wearing that you call “pumpkin”… Is that the one that’s called “tangerine” on the sale site? Because if it is, then that’s the one that left Rivka Malka gushing at me last summer. If that “pumpkin” one is a different one, then I have to start saving up…
    By the way, you look wonderful in these wraps.


      1. Meira Atik

        I always thought it looked more “pumpkin” than “tangerine.” Now I’m waiting for a 2-in-1 in pumpkin and one in lime…


  4. Tikva Seinfeld

    Andrea, these are really beautiful combos! And I love the shape you get I. The back! Is the trick to wear the shaper really high up? I don’t like it when it pops out lower down.


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