Silky Leopard Wow!

So I decided to not only do a single scarf, but a super simple tie!!  Yes, I did some fun pleating at the front, but totally not necessary.  Just tied this one at the back, with both ends hanging slightly unevenly.  I made sure that when making the knot, that the short end came out on top, then adjusted the knot so to top one kind of fanned over the bottom one.  Does that make any sense??  Either way it’s beautiful and I feel great!

SIlky Leopard Wrapunzel

I also just found out that apparently camera lenses are like glasses, and it’s so humid outside that my lens is fogging up!  Woa!  So that’s the reason for all the glow-y photos lately!

SIlky Leopard Wrapunzel
Nice outfit for this muggy weather!

With a simple scarf like this,  (and yes, I know I’m wearing animal print – totally out of my comfort zone but I make an exception for this tichel!) I was ready to go so fast this morning that I actually had time to put on makeup!  Yay!

Love, Andrea

5 thoughts on “Silky Leopard Wow!

  1. Here is a camera trick I learned when I was at a butterfly garden, it was pretty warm and humid in there,so they had a built in drier, kind of like you use to dry your hands with. It took the fog right out of our lenses, maybe you could try running a blow drier over your lens for a few seconds to warm it up to the ambient temperature. If you do this and it works, maybe you can pass along this little tip?


  2. H.D.

    This is so simple to do, but it does not at all LOOK simple. It’s simply marvellous, like so many simple things in live are the best :-). Big compliment to you!


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