You CAN wear a pashmina in the heat!

There’s nothing like a classic!  Today I’m wearing my favourite pashmina – Rivka Malka’s Teal, in a Regal Wrap with the Sunblossom pin.  I pulled my ears out so I’m extra cool!  Since everything is up and out of the way, I’m not shmoiling!

This is perfect for the #onescarfchallenge… and yeah, something was up with my camera lens this morning, so I’m glowing!

LOVING getting back to the basics!  Super duper fun!!

6 thoughts on “You CAN wear a pashmina in the heat!

  1. Rachel Rubin

    I would to have my Dumbo ears out,with the risk of burning them its 36 centigrade in the shade here!!!
    Looks very pretty on you though Andrea sis.


  2. catherinelevison

    Cute ears.
    I do avoid my pashminas in the summer time. I overheat too easily due to a genetic thing I have.
    My face is red a lot.


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