#onescarfchallenge Day One!

The #onescarfchallenge is taking the wrapping world by storm!  I have no words to adequately thank Miri for getting it started – you are amazing!  We’re getting Wrapunzel back to its true roots: which is joy joy joy!  Here’s what I’m wearing on my head today 🙂

#onescarfchallenge Wrapunzel
As usual, colors that I would never put together are now happily getting to know each other thanks to the scarf on my head!
#onescarfchallenge Wrapunzel

Check out the backstory of the #onescarfchallenge and join!  Today I’m wearing my grey Cherry Blossom with a dark red Headband Secret.

All my love to you beautiful women!

4 thoughts on “#onescarfchallenge Day One!

    1. Thanks for sharing this. A lot of times we interpret others’ reactions in light of our own expectations. If someone’s eyes linger on my head, I assume she is admiring my wrap and I give her a big smile. She might actually have been startled by the wrap, but my smile will make her smile back, usually. And this confirms my feelings that I look pretty darn cute. I usually forget I have on a wrap unless I get a compliment.


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