An Interview with Penina Taylor & Andrea

What an honor it was to be featured on Penina Taylor’s inaugural radio/video show!  This was such a fun interview and just the way I like it: raw, deep, meaningful, and pure.  It was like talking to a girlfriend from my childhood, except about the real stuff.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “An Interview with Penina Taylor & Andrea

  1. Very inspiring! The video interview just put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing Penina and Andrea. Also thank you for being true to your life’s mission of helping women be happy. Sharing in the community and personally taking on the practice of headcovering has truly made me feel a glow, peacefulness and acceptance of myself from the inside out!


  2. catherinelevison

    I loved it. I’m going to place here below a few points I received from this even though they are not “word for word” quotations. I really “needed” these points today because of some things I’m going through and because of decisions that I need to make. The 2 ladies talked about a lot more than the below but this small exchange really spoke to me:

    Penina: [paraphrasing]….”Women as collaborators, not competitors. We need to “learn” this.” [This speaks to something I’m going through.]

    Andrea says: “You answer to your Creator. You have to go to bed at night feeling whole. When I have a difficult decision to make, I ask myself; does this decision, I’m about to make, will it make me feel whole and feeling closer to my creator when I go to bed tonight? [This speaks to some choices I have to make.]

    Penina, said, “Be whole to be holy.”

    Andrea: “In the Torah, we are told be holy, but not ‘how’ to be holy, not what color of scarf to wear…” [women following the New Testament of the Bible have the same issue. They are told to cover their heads, (kephale in Greek) but NOT told “how” to cover. No size, no colors, no dimensions are provided.]

    Andrea revealed that all kinds of different religious types of women are drawn to Wrapunzel. Andrea seems unsure how that happened.

    I’ll tell you………………………

    #1) It was your infectious smile and winsome attitude in your YouTube Videos. Everyone wanted more of that!!
    #2) For the Christians who cover, it was the fact that links (to your videos) were being shared in the online Christian covering groups (if you didn’t know) and that happened because of number one…..your smile and attitude. These were Christians who feel they need to cover in order to obey the New Testament but they, like a Jewish woman, are NOT told “what” to cover with, We “get” to decide its shape, size and color. We have that common and much more. But either way it happened because you smiled and I’ve watched about 98% of your videos and in one you talk about the responsibility to use your face when you’re in public and/or interacting with people. There are way more people who do NOT smile, than those who do. That is winsome and YOU won us over. You wanted your face and smile to have an impact on people and it did. You owe your success to your Creator and to your willingness to obey Him and honor Him and reflect His Glory and your personal happiness.

    Thank you!


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