The Double Braid with a little EXTRA! :)

I’m loving wearing the double braid lately with a little extra addition… a sash, a patterned headband.  Just adds an extra something to an already gorgeous wrap!

Here I am on the subway a month ago (in NYC… wow do I ever miss a good transit system here in Baltimore!) pairing it with a golden tan lace sash:

And here I am rocking it with a Damask Headband… these three colors were just laying on my bed together and I was like, “Wow!  Gotta try this!”  I would have never put these three colors together on my own, so am somewhat grateful for being a little disorganized lately!

Gorgeous Colors!  Woohoo!!
Gorgeous Colors! Woohoo!!

All the scarves I’m wearing are 2 in 1s… they are, as always, just so perfect for styles like this – especially in the summer!

Enjoy and happy wrapping!
Love, Andrea xo

8 thoughts on “The Double Braid with a little EXTRA! :)

  1. Daphne

    So beautiful. Thank you Andrea. I’ve asked Hedva (from Wrapunzel) if she’d consider doing a tutorial on how she keeps everything so neat and smooth. I can’t begin to see how she hides the ends so well so there’s very little bulk (even with 3 2&1s). Perhaps the two of you have the same technique? Not sure if others would find value in a tutorial that shows how to minimize bulk even with 3+ scarves. What do you think? I know women ask her all the time how she keeps everything so…not-bulky.


  2. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Both versions. I can’t even decide which one I like better. The unexpected combination of colours makes you look so joyful – and that lace with all the blue and green and cream makes me think of water and the spray of the sea.


  3. Jocelyn

    Both are beautiful but I can’t wear so many layers on s hot summer day, especially with volume. The look will have to wait for me. 😉


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