“Just the Way You Are” with Penina Taylor!

Since Penina Taylor made her first video for Wrapunzel, we’ve been getting requests to hear more from her!  She’s had lots going on in her life, with her son’s wedding, a recent move and her regular teaching/speaking gigs, but was able to make the time to share some beautiful thoughts with us about the boxes people make for us and the boxes we put ourselves in.  Listen, dig deep, and love yourself and everyone you meet for the WHOLE multifaceted people that we all are!  Enjoy!

11 thoughts on ““Just the Way You Are” with Penina Taylor!

  1. Michelle

    Thank you Penina! And thank you Andrea for posting this! So true. I have been covering with both too, suiting the occasion. Sometimes a sheitel is asked for, but when Im comfortable in my home and community I will put on a scarf (or multiple! 🙂 I do get funny faces, but as you say in your video, people did succeed to put me in a box, the box of that-one-that-changes-her-headcovering-and you-never-know-what-she-will-put-on-her-head-today. And that’s an ok box for me to be in, because yes, I do feel people have to make an effort to get to know me. Thank you for this message, I have been following wrapunzel for a while now, but was struggling myself in what box I belong (you see, even I have a need to be in a box in order to identify myself with a certain group) but have come to the realization that the best box to be in, is the Gd and me box, and that all the rest doesn’t matter. it takes courage I must say, to be the odd one out but also invites people to speak to me about it, and from that I have had lots of insightful talks with people of how people perceive each other and what our ultimate goal in life is. Thank you, continue your great work, both Wrapunzel and Penina, and thank you for this uplifting (mechazek) talk!


  2. Eliana

    I was considering covering my hair since I got married, but I was afraid because I wasn’t ready to commit to covering all the time. I thought people would think me a hypocrite when I come one day covering my hair and the next not. This talk gave me the courage to try it out, be myself and do what I feel is right for me and take the risk of confusing people. I am still not covering full time, but I feel I am at the place I need to be and I am confident in myself. Thank you!


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