Rivka’s Poem


Last week, I posed a question on The Wrapunzel Page, asking what was making you feel renewed today.  The answers were beautiful, and it was so hard to pick just one to feature on the blog.  I decided to sleep on it, and when I woke up, one answer was resonating in my head, and that was Rivka’s.  She wrote so beautifully and simply, her words ringing poignant and true.  She has such a loving perspective on hair covering, and I knew that we needed to hear more from her:

Rivka's Response
Rivka’s response to the question, “What is making you feel renewed today?”

I wrote to her, asking if she’d like to contribute more, and her response was an enthusiastic, “What a coincidence!  I just wrote a poem for the Wrapunzel community!”  I’m honored to share Rivka’s Poem with all of you, and I know you’ll join me in saying that we can’t wait to hear more from her.



Soft thin strands,
Strands of yarn,
Twisted together,
Strengthening itself,
Into a thread.

A few special souls,
Brought together,
Over a love of a mitzvah,
Becoming wrapunzel.

So many threads,
Blue, pink and red,
Gathered together,
Creating a masterpiece.

So many woman,
Of all different faiths,
From all over the world,
Connect together,
Unite as one,
One wrapunzel community.

An oblong tichel,
Beautiful patterns,
Beautiful textures,
Tied tight,
Wrapped as my crown.

A community filled with beautiful women,
Women full of love and compassion,
Of understanding and respect,
Supporting each other,
Embracing each other to embrace their crowns.

– by Rivka Breuer

8 thoughts on “Rivka’s Poem

  1. Diane Drexler-Little

    Rivka expressed my feelings in her beautiful poem. It should become the theme poem for Wrapunzel. Plus she is absolutely gorgeous. Rivka would be a fantastic model, too. Kol Hakavod!


  2. Angelynda Orah

    i am proud to be a Jewish woman . im am happy if only for our two beautiful kids my marrage to my now ex husband., also Jewish. i raised my son and daughter in Jewish pre school, and to Day schools. we kept all holidays not just the High Holy Days in shul and at home , sometimes with family and friends sometimes just the three of us. Chanukkah was not 8 days of getting – the Jewish equvalent to christmas , only better , smh – but giving back donating toys and books to needy kids.
    i also took my kids to work with me iwas a domestic violence and substance abuse prevention counselor , add they watched women and their kids recovering from violent homes to peaceful homes. after our own recovery from the same with their father. with G-d help we will continue to grow as Jews and as people. both kids are now adults and my daughter is married to a great young man whom i love. no grandkids yet but that will happen G-d willing. my son is sucsessful and dating a wonderful girl i like very much.bot still give of their time to help the homeless and poor- serving dinners on Thanksgiving etc and still make me proud each day. my health has been up and down this past year but by the grace of G-d im doing much better. i still try to help one person a day not financially because i dont have it but by giving of myself being a good listener,offering advice only when asked and sometimes just sitting inthe quiet ans enjoying each others company. this i do willinly because of all the good people G-d has placed in my life over the years, i NEED to give back IMHO. this is a peak into my life.
    BTW,i converted to being a Jew in 1973 at age 16years old.
    but that another story………..


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