The Wrapunzel Gratitude Challenge!

This video says everything that is on my heart right now…

To be a part of the gratitude challenge:
1) Write to a woman (or call!) that has shaped you and express your gratitude.
2) Share this video so other women will be inspired to do the same!
3) Leave us a comment (on facebook is preferable but on here works too!) to let us know that you did it and tell us about your experience (can be as little or much detail as you would like).
On Jan 29th 8pm, we will pick one woman and her mentor and send her two personalized tichel kits from Wrapunzel including a no-slip headband; and she can give her mentor the kit as a gift. (If the woman doesn’t wear tichels, do not worry, we will find gorgeous jewelry/accessories for her!) We will speak to you personally and choose something absolutely perfect to help you show your gratitude!

7 thoughts on “The Wrapunzel Gratitude Challenge!

  1. Diane

    I have a question? Does it have to be a video? The person who has influenced me is in Israel and I am in the USA. Also, at our ages, neither of us know how to do videos (she cannot even do YouTube). I am 63, and she is 70. Be have been best friends and there for each other for probably longer than you have been alive, 41 years! So, would just sending you the email do it? Also, neither of us are on Facebook.
    I could try to video myself with my beautiful Wrapunzel tichels, sashes, pins, using my iPad. Or iPhone. But, I have problems with eye and facial spasms so I really have a phobia of how I would look in a video.

    So, any suggestions on how I could enter this?


  2. Miriam

    Hi Andrea!
    You are beautiful as usual. I just shared by mail this with Chantal, a friend of mine who wears tichels too! Chantal is a woman, a very good friend of mine, that has supported me in difficult times not so long ago, I wrote her a mail and copied the link so that she can find it easely. Saying “thank you” is sometimes not enough for the help that people showed. So now I am over the difficulties, I can give to others the help that I received from her. It’s like feeling that we are part of a “helping chain” from one woman to another, that’s the most beautiful thing and teaching that I got from the past difficulties: when I asked: “now I am well again, what can I do for you”, she answered: “help someone who needs it next time you will be able to do it!” OHO, I will remember that! So I mailed her the gratitude challenge!
    Love from over the Atlantic!


  3. Genifer Henry

    Hi Wrapunzel ladies. The woman I chose to show my gratitude to is my mother in law, Gwen. I decided to write her a letter. She helped to shape my life in so many ways but mainly she is the person who taught me about & brought me to The Lord. As a child my life was not your average family life. I wasn’t raised by my mother and didn’t have her in my life until I was a teenager. This was very confusing for me & I didn’t believe that there was a God. At the age of 17 I met my husband and my future mother in law. I’m so grateful that they came in to my life because I feel in my heart that they helped to save my soul. God knew exactly what I needed & He sent it to me right on time.


  4. My mentor is an exceptional woman named Goldie. I sent her an email. When I became religious many years ago, I moved to New York to learn and absorb myself into a community. My family and I moved to the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. I met Goldie and her family the week we moved, and she invited us all for Shabbos. Since that day she has been my friend, like a sister, my mentor, and my example. She taught me what being a Jewish woman is. She went with me to buy my 1st snood, my 1st siddur, and so many other 1sts she has been there for. I am so grateful for her. She is a true Eishes Chayil.


  5. Ruthie

    Wow, this is so beautiful! I am so inspired. I too have been blessed to have encountered varies special people, at different stages whom have shaped me and left an imprint till today.

    One of them is a lady whom has taught me how to make my daily ‘mundane’ activities more spiritual and meaningful and connect to Hashem. She lived her life so conscious of the creator. Although she is no longer with us (passed away at an early age) she has created a ripple effect and iam so grateful and thankful to have met her. Although I don’t want to leave a message to her husband currently (so not to bring upon memories)..I have done so in the past (at appropriate times) to her family me members. And it really meant a lot to them.( I just had to share this).

    Another beautiful individual that has shaped me is a lady much older then I am. She has taught me how to bring joy and nahat (I guess you can translate it as satisfaction) to hashem. She is a true example of someone wanting to do extra to make hashem happy. Thanks to this blog I have contacted her and she was so speechless and inspired. thank u!

    I want to mention one more person. When I first met her it was at a wrapunzel show. And what touched me is how this beautiful individual said her bracha (blessing) before she ate. That week my blessings on food was so different so elevating.(side note: Even as I was passing the crowd I happen to hear something her husband said while she was busy with the crowd and it really showed so much respect and love towards his wife….its hard to express this feeling in words but it left an imprint) And this individual is none other then Andrea Grinberg. You are such an inspiration!!!! The way u say your blessings, your previous Kavana video ( I shared with so many.. it was sooo meaningful). and for all that you do from your heart to serve the creator and make our world a better place. Thank you so much Andrea.

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  6. This is such a beautiful idea – I love letting people know when they inspire me or teach me deep lessons. I think everyone wants and deserves to be seen and acknowledged in this way. I actually did write to one of the women most inspiring to me (one of my aunts) a week or so before this challenge was posted. The two most influential women of my life already heard from me, so if would be strange to bring this up again. Then again there are women in my life who I know I’ll learn a lot from when I’m ready for those challenges – at different times in our lives I feel we’re open to different lessons. I’m not in a place where the mentors available to me can get through yet.

    So I’m not sure I’m eligible for the giveaway. But I wanted to let you know that having encountered Wrapunzel some time last year, seeing your light, Andrea, and then watching also Rivka Malka’s videos – all of this inspired me to try harder, shine brighter, and support all those around me with honesty and enthusiasm. I’m happy to say it is changing the way we communicate and relate in my family. I am also greatly happy that this site is getting more active, because with each new video, each new woman’s voice, I discover I too can be better.

    Keep going with your great work, Andrea and new team of Wrapunzel, you’re reaching farther, and touching more lives than you think!
    All the best,

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