Warm Brown and Rust

Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg

It was an overcast day, and this color combination was calling me in the morning!!  (Yes, my tichels sometimes talk to me… don’t yours?)  There’s something about rust paired with brown… it’s so earthy and warm!  I felt so “at home” in this and it nurtured my soul!  Definitely something I’m going to ry again soon!

Because I know you’ll ask, I’m wearing a brown soft pashmina, burgundy/gold Israeli tichel (these are AWESOME!), and a beaded twist necklace made into a headband by the regal clasp!

I know that many of you are going through some crazy rollercoaster times right now… and I want to let you know that I’m with you and sending you so much love!  Hang on tight!
xo Andrea

6 thoughts on “Warm Brown and Rust

  1. maria

    Simply lovely! Truly your tichels are crowns! This one, it appears, gives you height, which is so flattering..but I give up…no matter how I try to tie those pashiminas, scarves, 2 in 1s and headbands, the end result looks nothing like yours! But I thank you for never ceasing to inspire the rest of us out there…


      1. maria

        I have no facebook account…but the fact that you have a fan group on facebook, almost makes me want to join up!!! 🙂 and even then, I’d be out of my league…but I will continue to try nonetheless…you make headcovering so much fun..and so beautiful.


  2. Yetta

    Hi Maria, you won’t guess but I was also in your shoes. If it was not for Andrea and Rivka the “wrapunzel sisters” I would have been lost. As the saying goes “practise makes perfect” and now my husband think I am a princess because of the beautiful tichels I am wearing.


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