An Update!

You may have noticed my daily Wrapunzel posts haven’t been so daily lately!  Between much travel (all for simchas, thankfully!) and setting up The Wrapunzel Store (which will be opening Gd willing in 1 1/2 weeks – ahhhh!), I have been tad overwhelmed.   I also had to get a new computer and lost access to my photos, but that’s another story!  Rest assured, as soon as this preparation phase is over, I will be back and posting as much ever.  There will be a very exciting Lady Wrap Star featured tomorrow and I am receiving even more zig zag criss cross photos from different ladies!!

Right now I would love to share with you a photograph from our photo shoot yesterday!  It was super cold outside but with this gorgeous tichel I was smiling brightly!wrapunzel andrea grinberg store

Love you all SO very much!  Thank you for all your support in this new venture.  This is ALL for you!!!

14 thoughts on “An Update!

  1. You look like an elegant princess!!!~! I hope that the shop prospers and grows!!!! Love, Ellen Hope


  2. wow! I got a hint of this blog just 20 minutes ago and now I’ve allready learned one new way of wrapping scarves. Thank you so much! 🙂
    You can check my first zig-zag criss-cross here:


  3. It sounds like we fell into the “need a new computer” boat (or off the “need a new computer” cliff, more like) at just about the same time. I hope your new one treats you well!


    • Amen!! Same to you! My battery literally melted out of my other one so I was using it as a desktop… and then it just started, well, suffering greatly. It had a great life, at least.


  4. Thanks for the big smile – and the great tichel pic! I am also quite curious about the shop and cannot wait to browse through these great scarves…


  5. That’s a “pick-me-up” pic! (One that makes me smile!). It seems to reflect the treasure of joy from within!


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