Function meets Fashion!

It’s always a challenge to find hair wraps and clothing that allow me to live life with freedom of movement, while remaining dignified and elegant.  Believe me ladies, I know how hard it is!

Here is my latest helmet-friendly cycling wrap (aka no volume at back):

And the outfit that went with it!  (Bicycling, office, cello, and home friendly!)
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

For those of you celebrating, I wish you an elevating, clarifying, connected, inspirational, cathartic, and all around incredible Yom Kippur.  Kol tuv!

9 thoughts on “Function meets Fashion!

  1. Chava Canales

    You are so creative! I hope you have an easy fast. May we all be inscribed for another glorious year. Kol tuv.


  2. Oh I like this new one! Before I found your insightful and fun blog I thought “Oh these ladies who cover up so much, it must be restricting” you have clearly shown it is not. And you have shown me all ladies who practice this keep their sense of style and fashion without showing off so much skin – it’s refreshing and beautiful!


  3. How exactly do you do this wrap? I’ve tried so many times tyng my hair in a tichel snood-like, but I always failed – I just can’t “pack” all my hair in there while tying, it always gets in my way. It works well with real snoods, but for scarves, I always have to pin my hair first or do it into a bun…


    1. I am planning on getting a skirt guard, but so far no. I have heard that chain guards aren’t needed (they are mostly for wide pants) unless your skirt is very long and flow-y. This particular one is longer and flow-yer than my usual biking skirts, so I bunch it up on the back with a hair elastic (still covers perfectly!) Let me know if want more skirt biking advice!


  4. Ohhhh!!!! I know this is an old wrap, but is there a tutorial for it? I’ve been through the YouTubes and didn’t see anything. I love this!!!!!!!! I can try to guess, maybe, but I’m at under 10 wraps, so…..


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