Helmet Head (aka Cyclists Solution #2, #3, + #4)

You may remember that I bike to work pretty much every day.  Doing this has been a challenge to my scarf wrapping ways, because a helmet does not work well with a volumizer!  Here are some solutions and advice that I have come up with so far:

1) Get to work early and do your scarf in the restroom.  Often I opt for this solution, and just arrive at work early with scarves/volumizer ready in my bag and do myself up in the restroom (which is also essential if face rinse/makeup touch-up/shirt change is needed).  This was always the most obvious option for me, especially in colder months when I need to bike with a hat/warm headband.  However, it is time consuming and can be awkward when you are biking to multiple locations and/or walking out of your workplace with friends (“excuse me while I duck into the restroom to change my scarf!”)

2) Go casual.  This option works very well, especially with a colourful cotton scarf, glasses, and earrings.  It was my go-to option in this post:

It works well… but as you all know, I couldn’t bear wearing single square scarves all the time!

3) Do the braid.  This seems like the easiest solution, and it keeps my wrap from being too boring.  Only issue is the braid sometimes getting stuck under my bag while biking, but so far so good!



4) Or do a bow!  One of the simplest options I have found is after taking down my elabourate tichel that I wear at work, I just tie the loose ends of the base scarf in a bow and ride on!  It actually looks pretty good with the helmet off as well.

To all you bikers out there, how do you bike with a tichel?  Any pointers/ideas?

6 thoughts on “Helmet Head (aka Cyclists Solution #2, #3, + #4)

  1. Anonymous

    Nice. Genious. When I bike I simply wear my scarf, but now I have no excuse for not wearing a helmet (safety first ).

    What kind of scarf do you wear to a gym? And how do you tie it to be secure enough to withstand a workout? Please help because it’s getting frustrating when I have to stop my workout to rearrange it or secure it.
    Thank you!!!


    1. Anonymous

      A velvet headband will go a long way to prevent slipping. I wear a cotton jersey scarf wrapped in a turban for Zumba and jogging/walking. Never had a problem with slipping, and it doesn’t get too hot. Israeli tichels with lurex also work well, bc they grip the head and don’t slip much.


  2. We live in Portland, where biking is the norm. I like to use a hijab tube cap or bonnet under my helmet, or a buff (basically like a long tube). Actually, my two daughters like to wear the tube caps under their bike and skating helmets, too bc it keeps all their hair/bangs out of their faces without the lump of a ponytail holder.


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