The Joy of Rebecca-Joy!

Many of you may remember Rebecca-Joy from a few months back;  She commented on one of my daily wrap posts, asking incredibly poignant and important questions about hair wrapping.  I did my best to answer, and then shared the post with the ladies of Wrapunzel.  The response was overwhelming!  So many women were eager to share their stories and ideas about hair covering.  I was very grateful to Rebecca-Joy for being so honest and brave in opening up this discussion, and when I found out that she had indeed started to cover her hair as a result, I couldn’t wait to feature her as a Lady Wrap Star.  Without further ado, here she is!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel rebecca joy lady wrap star

(All photos taken by Rebecca-Joy’s sister, Sarah)

“To me a scarf is so much more now than just something to wear around ones neck. In fact, before I found out about tichel trying I never knew what else to do with the scarves that I had, and I didn’t even like having a scarf around my neck anyway… it always got in the way. Now when I see a brightly colored scarf or a pretty sash I see potential. The potential for an amazing head covering that is not only beautiful but special and unique.
I began my hair wrapping journey only a few months ago, I was seventeen at the time and had recently been doing a lot of reading and research about head covering. During that time I stumbled upon Wrapunzel and needless to say, was amazed. I had never seen any head coverings before that were quite so… beautiful!
I liked the idea of using scarves and tichels to cover ones hair and so I decided to try it for myself. After all, what better way to use the scarves I had that were just kicking around waiting to be worn?!
First though, I had some questions. For instance: “Is having all those accessories on your head scarves still considered modest? Are you not drawing attention to yourself by having them on? And what about all the bright colors and interesting wraps. Is that not drawing attention to yourself as well?”
Through the kind and wise answers of not only the amazing author of this blog but also many kind readers as well I gained many insights and learned things about modesty in general that I did not know.
I then started hair wrapping not only because I love how it looks, but more importantly because I believe in being modest. The wonderful author and readers of Wrapunzel helped me to see that being modest doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be beautiful. Quite the opposite. Modesty and beauty go hand in hand. True modesty is beauty. And true beauty is modesty. Once I understood that, things became much clearer.
I also believe that modesty pleases G-d and that He delights to see women who are trying to please Him in this way, small though it may seem. Modesty has become such a big issue in our culture but we don’t have to conform. Being modest is being different… and I’m okay with that.
Since I’ve started covering my hair now rarely do I go out without some sort of scarf on my head, although sometimes I still do. I love how versatile and comfortable it can actually be! On hot days I run a cotton scarf under cold water and wrap it around my head. It keeps me cool for hours.
So for me, head wrapping has been a very positive and rewarding experience. I have never received a negative or derogatory comment.
The following is a poem I wrote that I hope will encourage and inspire those just starting out or who are a bit discouraged. I haven’t been doing it long myself, but this is, in a nutshell, is what I’ve learned so far.”
Tichel Tying
Tichel tying is an art
that reflects a woman’s heart.
It’s a modest sort of beauty
that everyone can see.
So if you’re new to tichel tying
or you’ve already been trying,
bear that thought in mind
and leave your doubts behind.
Even though it does seen daunting
and a bit of skill is wanting,
it’s mainly practice that you need
and a few little tips to heed.
Start off nice and slow…
you’ll make progress as you go.
Don’t be discouraged at the sight
if it doesn’t look quite right.
If you keep on trying,
soon you will be tying
head wraps that you love
and please the One above.
Copyright Rebecca-Joy
In closing, I wish to say and big thank you to Andrea for featuring me as a Lady Wrap Star and for being such a wonderful and beautiful example for us all.

10 thoughts on “The Joy of Rebecca-Joy!

  1. LeeAnn

    Love the poem and your wraps are very nice! I think you have done a wonderful job learning some wraps that look nice on you with colors that complement your coloring.


  2. I remember that original comment and the discussion that followed, how wonderful to see the results of some many peoples prayer nurturing and taking their time to share their own stories and how it brought wonderful fruit in Rebecca-Joy’s life!!!


  3. Annmarie

    I read your blog frequently, enjoy your pictures more than you coukd imagine..I remember that blog post and even commented. Thanks so much for this amazing update. You all are such an inspiration.


  4. Naomi

    Rebbecca-Joy, it was such a blessing to read the “covering” discussion you all had a few months ago. Many of those questions often had come to my mind as well. Thank you sharing your heart… I can see many have been blessed & encouraged!( Me being one of them!) His Word is never a burden, but a Joy! That was again proved through each testimony shared. Blessings & Shalom as you continue your walk with G-d!


  5. Deborah Morgan

    This was such an inspirational Lady Wrap Star. If only all my granddaughters had as good a grasp on modesty…


  6. Nana Babs

    Dear Mrs. Grinberg. Thank you so much for your Wrapunzel blog. I love it. I have been wanting to wear a head-covering for a while now. I consider my self a Noachide-Messianic-Baptist. I am a grandmother, so that shows my age. I have watched all your videos more than once, and have been practicing with several styles, but my husband doesn’t like the ones that make the big bump at the back of the head. He looked with me at the photos of Rebecca-Joy and likes the way she ties the tichel where it falls down at one side of the neck and little volume. So thank you for helping me bring my husband around, hopefully.


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