Shavuot Night Tie

Hi Everyone, I apologize for my lack of daily posts!  The reason was that the Jewish holiday of Shavuot came right in the middle of the week, and of course, since I don’t use technology on these days, taking photos of head wraps wasn’t possible.  I did, however, create a new style that I’m very excited to share (and will hopefully take photos of this weekend)!  For now, here is what I wore on my head for the eve going into the holiday.  My husband gave me the cream/grey/black scarf as a holiday present, and I added the teal to match my skirt.  The tie is a double twist.  Since the scarf is multi-tonal, it looks like I’m wearing a lot more than two scarves (especially in the twist part)!  Thank you to my lovely friend who snapped these photos 🙂

wrapunzel grinberg tichel wrapunzel grinberg tichel

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