Easy Summer Style

This one is super easy, and only requires one square scarf (no volumizer or any add-ons).  It is much lighter than the usual wraps I wear, and I find that it’s making me happy every time I pass a reflective surface!  Will definitely be experimenting with similar styles over the next few days.

7 thoughts on “Easy Summer Style

  1. LeeAnn

    Beautiful! Did you still use the grip band? and is the scarf cotton or silk? It looks like cotton. How big is the scarf? This is really a fun style.


    1. I did use the grip band, but this style would work without it. It’s a cotton scarf. And honestly, I really need to either locate my measuring tape or buy another one because I want to start giving you all the scarf dimensions!


      1. LeeAnn

        Oh thank you! Having measurements for those of us who are newbies would be very beneficial. Sometimes when I am looking online to purchase a scarf I wonder if it is big enough or too big and then what to do with them when you get them and it doesn’t work well. I have been able to maneuver around some issues but not all.


  2. As a “knot” person, I just LOVE it! The how-to instructions are on here? It seriously looks like the “flower” is a clip made to match the scarf.


  3. gotta say I like this one a lot, it is a little bit tropical, a little bit sassy and looks like a lot of fun, I do so hope you can do a tutorial on this wrap…it would be a great one for summer parties and get togethers, since it is just one scarf but still super cute!


  4. LeeAnn

    I remember seeing this scarf on a website and now I don’t remember which one. So sad as I think it is beautiful. I have now started a wish list on Amazon entitled ‘tichels’ so that anytime I see one that I like I can post it there and then I can go to them whenever I have some extra money. It is also a simple way to show my family what I really like. Wish I had thought of it sooner. hehe

    So, Andrea, do you remember if you found this scarf where I could also get one?


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