The Non-Braided Braid

My favourite colour combination!  When wrapping these two scarves, I was left with the brown ends being much longer than the blue/brown ones.  To help even them out, I held the blue/brown ones straight, and then criss-crossed the brown ones around it, making the ends even at the bottom!  To fasten, I just wound one of the brown ends around the bottom and tied.  The brown and gold antique pin tied the wrap together perfectly.  Enjoy!

wrapunzel andrea grinberg brown blue

2 thoughts on “The Non-Braided Braid

  1. abby

    hi andrea, i was wondering if you could give me information on the volumizer-i know you’ve discussed it at length before, indicating two sizes “small and large”. I’m looking at the website and it says “high” or “low” volumizer. Which one do you use? Also, do you find it heavy at all? Thank you so much for your help, i’m struggling with head covering and I’m hoping to try to enhance my tichel-wearing!


    1. She must have changed it like I suggested! The high one sits high on your head (like a high bun) and the low one is low (like a low bun). I personally use the low one because I find that I can move it up and down on my head and make it high if I want 🙂


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