The Beginner’s Guide


So, where do I start with head scarves?

Even Andrea once had to ask herself this question! The concept of head wrapping can feel daunting to the uninitiated and trust us, we have ALL been there. After all, Wrapunzel was created for the purpose of providing a resource to answer this question and more!

How do you keep a scarf from sliding off your headCan you wrap with little-to-no hair underneathHow on earth do you tie a tichel braid and other fancy stylesAren’t you hot in that?!

If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, THIS is the place for you to get started!!!

Underneath Your Wrap

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Before wrapping, the first thing to consider is that what you wear under your scarf is just as important as the scarf itself! The key to getting ANY scarf to stay on your head is what we call a No-Slip Headband. Our No-Slip Headbands come in two styles, the Adjustable No-Slip Headband, and the pull on No-Velcro No-Slip Headband. These are made of stretch velvet and when worn underneath the scarf, prevent it from slipping throughout the day, eliminating the need to retie. There’s no need for pins or clips when you’re wearing one of these! Having a No-Slip Headband is absolutely ESSENTIAL and should not be skipped 🙂

For ladies with little-to-no hair (or those who prefer the look of having a lot of hair underneath their scarves), we are proud to offer the best shapers/volumizers on the market! These are worn underneath your scarf like a wig cap and have a “pillow” of volume in the back, easily mimicking the look of hair or adding a more voluminous look to your own. Several of our shapers also have a built-in No-Slip Headband, eliminating the need to purchase one separately. Many elaborate styles of wrapping require quite a bit of volume to be worn underneath and wearing a shaper makes achieving them a piece of cake.

You can check out our full line of shapers in the ‘Essential Tools‘ section of our website. Want to see them in action? Also check out our “Wrapunzel Under Wraps” “Under Wraps part 2” video, which shows the ins and outs of these products and how they all work.

Do you prefer to wrap without the extra layer of a shaper? Try using a Perfect Pouf or Oomphtastic Scrunchie instead!

How To Wrap (Tutorials & More)

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Once you know what to wear under your wrap, it’s time to focus on the wraps themselves! We always suggest learning to wrap slowly. Choose one or two simple styles, master them and then move on to one or two more. Remember that wrapping is not a competition! Also, a style or color that looks great on one woman might not look great on you and that’s OK. There are no right and wrong ways to tie tichels and the most important advice is to experiment and have fun!

Before you know it, you’ll know how to tie many wraps and will have women asking YOU how it’s done!

The Wrapunzel Ladies YouTube channel has nearly 200 wrapping-related videos and is THE place to find tichel tutorials online! We’ve even organized them into categorized playlists, to make your browsing as easy as possible.

Check out our Tutorials for Beginners video tutorial playlist to learn the following styles and SO much more:

THE beginner’s ESSENTIAL ~ Don’t skip this one!!! – The Regal Wrap

The easiest way to wrap with a “tail” over your shoulder – Beginner’s Luck

How to tie ANY square scarf – Israeli Tichel Tutorial

A fabulously exotic tie – Shira Tails

unnamed (2)

How do I find the best tichels for me? What materials should I look for? How about color? The solutions are not as daunting as they might seem!

For materials, first think about climate. While a heavier pashmina might be perfect for the winter months, most will find them far too hot for the height of summer. Cotton and viscose will keep you nice and cool, as will silk and other thinner scarves. Try our beloved, high-quality Israeli Tichels or our Original, Tuff or Watercolor 2 in 1s – they can always be layered or worn as a sash in the colder winter months, making them an excellent choice for any wrapper’s beginner tichel wardrobe!

In terms of color, think about the colors you wear most often and what might compliment those. Some women prefer neutrals that will match everything, while others lean towards bright colors and patterns. The possibilities are endless! Head on over to the Wrapunzel blog to read “Help Me Pick My Colors” and how to “Become a Color Expert“, to learn more!

Are you wondering which scarves are our tried and true favorites?
Check out All About Wrapunzel’s Most Popular Tichels

Troubleshooting: Tips & Tricks!

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Looking for tichel storage ideas? Head on over to the Wrapunzel Blog for our Storage How-To!

Our Troubleshooting Playlist covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

“Aren’t You Hot in That?!” – The Wrapunzel guide to modest dressing and wrapping in the heat.
Tichel Headaches – Easy solutions for this common tichel problem.
Hair Covering in the Professional World – It IS possible!
Tichel Wearing With Glasses – The ins and outs and everything in between.
Head Wraps with Hearing Equipment – An important video for our friends who are deaf or hard of hearing. With captions!

Wrapunzel LOVES social media! Find us on our Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram, our fabulous Blog or the Wrapunzel Community Group! See you there!

59 thoughts on “The Beginner’s Guide

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  2. batshush

    Some of your tips are good for advanced tichelists too.
    I loved seeing my pieces on a live show display like this. Thank you!!
    I just purchased the newest thing – a volumizer with a velvet anti-slip grip already sewn into it!! Yes – just the one item necessary!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Esty

      Thanks for your post. Just wanted to know please where did you order that 2 in one volumizer with non slip head piece please. Thank you.


  3. lzbthcldwll

    Fantastic advice about the vitamin D! I had no idea! and as I am dressing more modestly less leg and arms showing too!

    I try to buy my squares at 36 inches.. that is a great size for me.. but I have kind of a big head 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LJW

      thank you for the “big head” advice, that has been my problem as well….I am a beginner but have been getting frustrated because of this. Thank you!


  4. rachel

    Thank you so much. I have been covering for quite a while, but this “beginners” video has lots of info I had never heard before! Very good information and advice!


  5. Sharon

    Great begginer video! I just recently signed up to receive updates from Wrapunzel. Just recently began covering my hair and ordered a volumizer, non-slip headband, and a bunch of scarves, and can’t wait to get them in the mail!


      1. Patty Ross

        Thank you, Andrea! This website is such a chesed! I never thought I could wear a tichel again because my hair is short and they make me look old, but with the volumizer/sash ideas I can’t wait! Thank you for making frum women feel so excited and good about covering their hair! Patty


  6. Ale Kiguelman

    Hi Andrea! Once again – another great video! I just found the Wrapunzel site!! I love it!! I am sending links to everyone! haha I’ve been a fan of your YouTube channel up until now. Love the refresher feel of this one. I’m technically new at this so I appreciate you taking the time to go through these “beginner” issues! I just wanted to mention in regards to the velvet headbands/volumizers/caps; but when I didn’t have the cash to shop for a velvet headband (which I really want!) I actually took a pair of old stockings (pantyhose) and cut off the legs. I put it on first, like the cap you wear to not show your hair in the tutorials – and it keeps the tichel on nicely! I wonder if it’ll get a bit warm during the summer but it has definitely served the purpose. It does NOT slip at all!! It’s been great to use in place of the headband until I can do a little shopping! 🙂 Thanks again for all the videos!!


  7. Elisheva

    Wowww!! I’m SO grateful for this advice. I’ve been trying to be more tzniut but the head covering is the hardest part for me. I see others (including yours) and think how beautiful and elegant they make their tichel, but I tie mine and look like a crazy pirate. 😉 This made me excited to try again. Do all the additional items (volumizer, velvet band, multiple scarves, brooches) add to the heat of it all? Thanks for the lovely tips.


  8. jean selman

    I found a web site that has black and white head liners. It’s called ..”.a white/ or black volume base”. A real nice pull -on stretch cap and keeps your hair in place. The website is= ” Rinati Lakel “. Many of the websites sell the black but not the white…..Also, same company..Judith De paris sells both colors but the white is not shown…you just have to send them a message when you buy. Their volumizer has a Velcro…I prefer it without sold a Rinati lakel.
    Love your website….I bought about 40 head scarfs on line to go with all my home made dresses…and with these tutorials….I can learn to wear them all….. thanks, jean/USA


  9. jean

    I had watched this video a while back but I guess a few things slipped by me…
    I was amazed to hear so many issues that I have confronted in head covering. I have been covering off and on for about a year now and Sometimes when we begin a new way of dress, we always think we’re the only one having the problems. Nice to know there is someone who thinks anough to address them.I have bangs because i have such a high forehead and rather piercing eyes.I snip and thin them so they are basically gentle spears of hair……and not a whole glob of hair sticking out…
    All in all…………….I watch most of your videos because you seem to address the somewhat obscure do’s and don’ts… which no else does.
    jean selman


  10. Allison

    Hello! I stumbled onto this website, and I think these wraps look beautiful! However, I would not wrap my hair for religious, health, etc. reasons…I just think they look stunning. Would that cause offense among those who view wrapping the hair as a rather religious and sacred part of their lives? I’m not very knowledgeable about communities who do wrap their hair (I have no friends who do so), and I don’t want to offend anyone…so if that is the case, I’ll just continue to admire from afar!


    1. Milkweedz

      Hello, I read your post on wrapping. I am a Mormon, latter day saint. They dont wrap at all and anyone who does is rather frowned upon…even though I am a Mormon, I do wear the Sinar apron to church, I just fold it to wear as a head band, as they are very stunning. They can be seen on Leelach website, Headscarf and Renati lakel..just to name a few. I live in the panhandle of Idaho where someone wrapping is quite an oddity, but I wrap on ocassion anyways. I don’t wrap or cover for any religious reasons, I am a dress maker so I am making crocheting flowers, and collecting all sorts of lace 60 by 20 shalls to add to the wraps. I just love fashion, my own. When i go to church, everything on me is home made…..
      Its takes alot of guts to wrap when no one else does, and I sure wish I knew someone around here that did so we could get together…..on ideas..I wrote this to show you that there are many of us out here that dont cover for any religious reasons …just because we like the wrap for its decorative look….The one thing I found is…what ever you wear, make it light or you will end up ripping it off in no time from the weight or pressure….Cover your Hair has different colored Israeli tichels……they are sooo shere and are comfy to wear……good luck….women , I think are starting a trend to dress more modestly…and thats always good no matter where you are or what you believe……………..jean selman, Idaho


      1. Robin

        Hi Jean, I too am LDS and had discovered Wrapping on the Web. I will plan on participating as well. I wasn’t sure it was acceptable to LDS women. I want to do it because I don’t have glamorous hair or wear makeup or jewelry except for rings. Wrapping will allow me to show my individuality in a modest way. Thank you for your post which confirmed my decision. Robin


      1. I have taken to wrapping on occasion. I am 58 so it does kind of emphasise the The Utah sisters look puzzled but the sisters from the African and Caribbean communities just want to know where I get the scarves. I will eventually wrap all the time. I just have to break into it gradually so I don’t ” scare the horses”

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Sason

    Nice! I look forward to learning!
    I’ve been told that a lot of VITAMIN D is obtained from pigs, for example vitamin D fortified milk. (I’m going to check the Neo-Life products.)


  12. Sason

    Shalom! I am new to your site, and love it! I had left a comment, and wanted to follow, but my dilemma is this: i received auto emails from you requiring me to click on links. I have been taught to NEVER click on links in emails 😦
    Is there any other way I can be connected to you! Truly hoping!


  13. Sason

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
    I like the commitment to beauty, to excellence! I was a color analyst years ago for Impact Impressions International. I love harmonious color in outfits! A book you all might really enjoy is : Color Me Beautiful, by Carole Jackson. It covers color harmony from accessories to clothing to make-up. I discovered it 30 years ago, and it has made a very nice and amazing difference for me! I believe it can help us take things to an even higher excellence!


  14. Sason

    In regards to your comment on head covering and vitamin D, I did a little bit of research on vitamin D to see if it could be verified that some vitamin D is obtained from pigs, and also some good natural sources for vitamin D!

    This article says it CAN come from pig:

    This one lists 10 foods high in, but there is a pic not suitable, particularly for men

    My texts say we need 1,000-2,000 IU a day.
    I hope this is helpful! Happy healthy head covering!


    1. karenvaughan2

      As a health care professional I was delighted to hear Andrea address Vitamin D. There is no significant food source (dairy, eggs and mushrooms dried gill side up in the sun have a little) and the levels you mention are based on old ideas of what you need. Based on the new research you need your blood levels between 50-200 ng/ml on a blood test.. The daily dose varies widely- you need more if you live in the north, have darker skin, use heavier clothing. are fat or have an illness. In the summer see if you can sunbathe -even in a white caftan- in a secluded place between 11am-2pm. (Sun can give you up to 25,000 iu a day, a biological dose, near the equator) As a fat diabetic in NY 10,000iu daily for 6 months was not enough to bring my blood levels up. I had to take 50,000 iu a day for 3 months to get to 52 but I was able to go down to 3x a week when I added fish oil and magnesium. But it is worth it- complications of childbirth go down by 1/3 and there is less cancer, heart disease or bone loss.

      Thinner cotton blouses, Israeli tichels and no sunscreen on your face can help, So can living and working outdoors in Israel, 😉


  15. Yona

    aaahhh Hi Andrea, I’m still slowly learning after 20 years of wearing them the wrong way. I need to know what are you wearing under the scarf here! Is it a cap do you have something under that? I am trying to understand what if anything I should put under my scarf. I have a lot of hair. For 20 years been covering but never with anything under. Yes it’s slipped for years , nobody ever taught me these things you have taught like the band to stop slipping. But still i’m confused because I generally never see what it is you do under the scarf to get the cap on. Obviously you can’t do that because your hair would have to show to do that. So can you explain what goes on under? I don’t need a volumizer as I said I have lots of hair. I usually make a bun and wrap with three scarves and have no slipping anymore because of the way I tie them on. But this cap under looks like it may keep it on better and feel better. What is it ? Is it just a cap?
    Thanks as usual you have been an awesome inspiration, I did something really beautiful finally yesterday!! Slowly slowly i’m getting it!!


  16. Melissa

    So I am brand new to wrapping. I have several pashminas, a sari scarf, and a couple other patterned scarfs. They are all rectangular. I have a very small head and fine, thin, shoulder length hair. I’m worried that the tichel shaper would be as big as my head. I like the layering of a couple tichels but I seem to run out of head. Lol Do you have any tips for me?


  17. Nancy

    I just received my first tichel kit from your on-line store, and it’s beautiful! I would really find it helpful if you had a specific tutorial for each of the kits you sell. Maybe it could just be an additional link once you’ve chosen a kit. This is probably WAY more work than it sounds like, but it might give the rest of us more confidence that we can achieve the same look. Thanks.


  18. katja

    Hello! Let me first thank you for this wonderful resource you have created on this website. You are a real inspiration, Andrea!
    I’m new to head covering but I have a little tip already. I don’t know if you talked about the band in this specific video, but when you cut off the pantyhose “waist” to be the no-slip band don’t throw out the legs! You can do so much with them! I had a lot of old very colorful pantyhose lying in my DIY pile. Now I have a set of colorful bands which can peek out from under a scarf for added effect. AND I made a braid from matching colored legs. I did it really tight, it came out very narrow, and it’s long enough to go around the front part of my head, adding a crown to the wrap. I knotted both ends tightly, the knots are quite small, and I just stuffed them into the part of the square scarf that’s tucked under. That way I can also untie them and re-use in other combinations. If you like your set you can also sew all the strands together at the ends, or even sew them into a loop, a headband!
    I suppose you can also do very loose braids, they would probably be shorter, to use on the bun section, or just for hanging down. Or just stretch the leg across your head and tie it in the back, tuck it out of sight, for a simple wide headband. You can put a braid on top of that!
    Right now I’m wearing a plain old black cotton square, but by my face there is a splash of bright fuchsia, and a braid of fuchsia, turquoise and mustard-yellow going around my head. Feels very refreshing – both simple and bright.
    A different thing – a sort of volumizer. I had cut off long sleeves from an old undersirt, which I mostly used as compresses, but after watching a few videos I realized I can roll them up! I rolled one up into a donut, then rolled the second sleeve on top of that first donut. I have very thin and not so long hair, so I make a small ponytail and pull it into a loop through the donut if that makes sense. It’s definitely heavier than a loofa volumizer and not that big really, but the weight is barely noticeable and it does improve my bump 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Yvette Walker

    Thank you for sharing. I am a Christian married woman just starting chemo and your site has given me excitement and joy. Now im actually looking forward to my covering. I am a student of Greek and Hebrew …knowing the roots of our modesty is such a beautiful thing. Thankyou again . Shabbat shalom ♡


  20. I began wrapping several months ago. I will not expose my hair publicly. Thus, I rarely leave my home. My financial situation has made it difficult for me to be socially active due to the limited quantity of scarves that I own. I may be alone w this issue. I am hoping that someone will respond with advice. I have two single colored square scarves and four patterned long rectangular scarves.Please respond ….. I do not want to become a lonely recluse.


    1. Sophia

      If you have not found a solution yet can I heartily recommend charity shops (I think you call them Goodwill or similar in the USA). I also have a very limited income and find that I can get scarves for about £2 for a pashmina type or large square. I take them home and wash them cool by hand or on a delicates wash in the machine (hand is sometimes better if you have strong colours and are worried about colour bleed). I then use Dettol/Sagrotan laundry disinfectant which is designed to go in the fabric softener compartment in a washing machine to make sure they are fully sanitised. You can also steam them as well if you have a steam iron or steam generator that will produce sufficient steam at a low temperature. Use an old tea towel/dish drying cloth if you are worried about making the surface shiny, again this will depend on your iron.


  21. diana

    Thank you so much for this video. I am new to hair wrapping, 64 years old, not Jewish, short thin hair. At first I didn’t know if it was appropriate for me to do, but through encouraging remarks from the ladies on the fb fan site, I am trying this. I know that when I wrap my head, I feel a sense of peace. I don’t understand that but I need this in my life. So again, thank you for the time you have taken to put this whole site on.

    Liked by 3 people

  22. Tami Hughes

    I had a question about under garments for those who are bald or losing hair. I have scarring alopecia and my scalp can get very inflammed at times. What are your suggestions?


  23. Hi! Love all your videos. I’ve been covering off/on as an unmarried (divorced) Christian woman for a few years now. My biggest struggles are slipping and getting overheated while cleaning house. I have long hair (French braid runs to my waist now 🙂 so have plenty for a fluffy bun. But it’s also a lot of hair to try to keep securely in a bun. So . . . I am I need of ways to keep a secure loose by and lightweight scarf material (cotton best?).
    Please help . . .


  24. judith



  25. Elizabeth

    Which knot do I use to tie the scarf to my head? At the moment I tie a basic overhand knot, however my scarf shifts backwards, or moves when I go to tie it. I haven’t got anything other then my scarves, so no velvet headband for me, because right now, I simply can’t afford it. So, I ask again. Which knot do I use??????


    1. Amy

      I’ve been covering for several years off and on. It isn’t understood, despite 1 Corinthians 11, in many Christian churches, and I find it difficult to explain without lengthy scholarly discussion, so I have “caved” on occasion. I bought the signature shaper but find that it still slips on my hair. The only thing that works is wearing a linen scarf and doing a traditional wrap style, which I think are beautiful. Most linen scarves are also light enough to let the sunlight through, alleviating the need for a Vit D supplement.


  26. Ammity Connell

    My dearest friend sent me a message this morning, “look up tichels, it’s obsession worthy”. I had no idea that within minutes I’d be crying actual tears of joy after finally realizing, I’m not the only woman in this world who simply wants to cover her hair out of modesty and simplicity. Plus that feeling of security, for me at least. I’ve been wearing the same old beanie for over 15 years… I’m 26 now and have felt for years that this hat really needs to go. It might be ok for a young kid to sport, but I want to look mature, put together, and confident in my head covering. I could go on and on, but long story short, thank you to every woman who contributes to Wrapunzel. This is really where I belong, head wraps are the answer to my lifelong search for happiness with myself. Thank you.


  27. Heidi

    Okay, nobody has commented for nearly a year, and my request to join the Facebook group has been “pending” for awhile, too, but I have a very serious question:

    How do you keep your no-slip headband or volumizer from slipping off your head? They hold scarves great–like super glue, but they refuse to grip to my hair or head, so if I wear more than one scarf, or a heavier scarf like a pashmina, the whole kit and kaboodle slides off the back of my head, then I end up drawing attention to myself as I’m constantly fiddling with and pushing it all forward again, or reaching under the scarf to grab the velvet band to pull forward. I have hair loss due to hypothyroidism and an early total hysterectomy 19 years ago when I was 35 (I’m 54 now), so I can’t make a bun or much of a ponytail. I’m a non-practicing, secular Jew, so this is for vanity, not religious reasons, therefore I really only need to cover the front of my hair at my forehead hair line where my hair is falling out the most, but I prefer to cover my entire head because it just looks so danged pretty! If I can’t do anything fun with my hair, I should be able to do something fun with scarves! I really don’t want to wear the headbands or shapers just above my eyebrows, and it does get uncomfortable keeping my ears inside all day, but that seems to be the only way I can get them to stay put!


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