Square Scarf Basics

There is so much that you can do with one simple square scarf!  The ones shown in these pictures and the video are using a diagonal fold aka you fold the scarf in half diagonally so you get a triangle.

The first tie in this video I must dedicate to my Rebbetzin in Jerusalem.  She is such an amazing example of grace and femininity, a glowing smile and true beauty.  She always wears her colourful scarf in such a simple way (exactly the way shown in the first tie), and it frames her face so nicely and allows her incredible, giving soul to shine.

(Music – Rachmaninoff Second Piano Concerto – 2nd mvnt)

6 thoughts on “Square Scarf Basics

  1. Chani

    I love this blog and I love your youtube videos as well! I am also classically trained, and received professional training at New England Conservatory. I used to be quite dati and fell away from it, but now am yearning back towards it. I would love to see how you are doing in your career as well. Maybe I will also make a blog to connect with people like you, as I live in a very out-of-town area. Nice community here, yet very small. I love your spiritual insights and your story regarding the conversion. Thank you for making this blog!


  2. jean

    one question please ,..” are you tucking under the cap in back…..or under the tichel ?” And where do you get you caps?..are they pantyhose with legs cut off ?


  3. Pansy

    I have no Jewish background. I am of Judeo-Christian faith. I am used to covering my head especially for any worship / church setting or service. Since migrating to Canada I slowly stopped covering my hair irrespective of the setting.
    A few months ago, I was praying and visited several websites re head covering.
    I was convicted. Now I wrap my hair all the time. I feel so comfortable and elegant – to be covered. I find the Wrapunzel site by far superior to all the others – the tutorials and the tips. Great work !

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  4. I love your video and the tips and tricks that you have shown on wearing a scarf are very beneficial for girls. As we know girls love to be fashionable and trendy. Thanks and keep uploading…


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