Something new!

I bought this scarf on a whim because light green is a colour that I’ve always liked on other people, but never thought of wearing it myself.  I tried wrapping it today and… I think I like it!  Definitely feeling the twists and accessories too – I am enjoying this flower pin from the gap (50 cents at a thrift shop, new with tags), and the colourful earrings.  What do you think of the light green scarf?  Is it something you would wear?

light green wrapunzel andrea grinberg

Welcome Welcome!

I am happy to share this new site, which will be about everything to do with hair wrapping!  The “hair wrapping how-to” section was getting much too crowded over on, plus I have many ideas on new places that I want to take this art.

You can look forward to:
– Almost daily “what I’m wearing on my head” posts! (hopefully this won’t ever get repetitive.)
– Inspirational photos and stories of other women and how they cover their hair!
– Frequent Q&A and personalized troubleshooting
– As well as the usual how-to videos, photo inspiration and hair covering thoughts that have always been there!

What would YOU like to see here?  Let me know and I will do the best I can to feature it!

There are so many women that cover their hair with scarves for various reasons.  This site is a place to share and learn about this beautiful art together.

Here is what I’m wearing on my head today:  Silk scarf with flower pin 🙂
Andrea Grinberg Scarf Wrapunzel Tichel Flower