Something new!

I bought this scarf on a whim because light green is a colour that I’ve always liked on other people, but never thought of wearing it myself.  I tried wrapping it today and… I think I like it!  Definitely feeling the twists and accessories too – I am enjoying this flower pin from the gap (50 cents at a thrift shop, new with tags), and the colourful earrings.  What do you think of the light green scarf?  Is it something you would wear?

light green wrapunzel andrea grinberg

4 thoughts on “Something new!

  1. LeeAnn

    Very pretty. I would wear this color. It is close to teal in color and it would look lovely with some browns also.


  2. Shira

    I agree about the browns. I have the same color scarf and I layer it together with a brown one and finish it off with a braid. It looks great!


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