Lady Wrap Star Nancy!

I am delighted to introduce you to Nancy! A regular face on the Wrapunzel fangroup, she has quickly blazed an inspirational trail for all stylish head wrappers! She truly knows how to put tichels and outfits together, and is such a warm and lovely person – I can’t wait for you to meet her!

meet Nancy

“What a honor it is to be asked to be a Lady Wrap Star.

A little about me, I was born and raised in Southern California. I now live in Palm Desert, California about 20 minutes away from Palm Springs. I’m married to a wonderful man and have two children a daughter 42 and a son 40. I’m also blessed with three beautiful grandchildren. I’m so luck to still have my 89 year old Mother that is as spunky as a 40 year old! She’s my best friend, I love her so much.

I’m very active at my Temple. Im co-chair of the Social Action Committee, visit those confined to live in care facilities, pick up elders for Shabbat Services, deliver food to the needy every Tuesday and collect clothing and toiletries and deliver them to the migrant workers on the farms. Hashem has called me to do this and so I do.

One night about two years ago I was going through You Tube and I came across a Wrapunzel tutorial, a huge gift from Hashem, that night was the beginning of my Wrap journey. The next morning I placed my first order, ran to the thrift store to get some scarfs to practice with while awaiting my order and I was off and running never to look back.”

“Wrapping has literally changed everything about my life. I feel more grounded and centered. I feel more spiritual and closer to G-d.

My wrap styles vary depending on the scarf. Saris wrap different then 2n1s or Pashminas and so on. I think I wrap in a beginners luck and Amped up beginners more then anything.  I still look at tutorials everyday to get new ideas and to refresh my memory. Andrea has been a huge influence on me. I’ve learned about self esteem, modest dressing , Shabbat and of course beautiful wrapping.

I want to thank all the Wrapunzel ladies for all your love and support. You have been there for me in good times and bad. I feel you’re all my friends, REAL FRIENDS!!! I wish one day we could have a huge Wrapunzel  get together so we could all meet face to face.  Love and blessings!”

Check out Nancy’s beautiful outfits and how she incorporates her wraps!

13 thoughts on “Lady Wrap Star Nancy!

  1. I find Nancy to be such an inspiration to me! I love her style and how she pairs her wraps with her clothes to have just this overall magnificent and elegant effect! Way to go, Nancy! :-).


  2. Vicki

    Simply beautiful! I would love to see a video and have her explain how she puts her outfits together. She looks so elegant in every picture!


  3. punxxi

    Look at you ms. Nancy! And to think at one time you were gonna leave because you thought you were “too old” Bwhahahah! You are always kind and beautiful, inside and out.The epitomy of what a Jew should be. Actually what every human being on earth should be…


  4. Summerdays

    What a beautiful and stylish women Nancy is – WOW – so inspiring! All her wraps are stunning! And she seems to be drinking from the fountain of eternal youth too! Thank you for sharing!


  5. Kimberly

    The elegance and regal poise of women inspires me so much! Nancy, you look so queenly in these photos and you show the graceful power inherent to women in their wise years.


  6. Lynn McQueeney

    Hello, greetings from sunny Queensland, Australia.
    Love your scalfs & still looking to see if I can buy the beautiful Aqua one.
    When I was 3yrs old I was run over by a car and had my scalp ripped ouff & lost side of face, & a Surgeun came over from America & filled it with my bum fat. Hard as a child.
    So for the past 50 yrs I have be dreaming of HEAD WARE, I had bought wigs but they hurt.
    So I love your beautiful scalfs.
    Look forward to learning more.
    Love and blessings, Lynn


  7. Vilma Sandoval

    Hi lovely ladies!

    I’ve been watching Andrea and Leorah YouTube tutorials and I love them both .

    I started wrapping or covering my hair two days my father’s death, last month July 25th, 2020.
    I’m doing now just to go to work, thinking on doing it every day.
    I work in an Urgent Care also a respiratory site, where we are Covid-19 patients.
    I’m a Christian believer and even though Christian women don’t wrap their head and I will be soon criticized, I fell I’m doing the right thing, because I feelGod’s presence.
    I feel protected and blessed every day I cover my hair.
    Thank you Andrea and Leorah, you’re both my inspiration.
    I love my new style!!!
    God bless you all!!!

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