Purple, Black, & Red!

I have this new dress that I absolutely love… and it has the most unexpected colors on it!  Most dominant are purple, black, and red… but there are also different shades of lilac, light blue, and cream.  You can probably predict that I got excited about the possibilities this presented for my tichel!

When wearing it last week I did a single braid wrap with a dark red 2 in 1 and mulberry Shiny Licious.  (There are few photos that look cropped there because I was holding my son!)

I loved it so much that I reached for the dress again today and the same tichels!  But this time added a rainbow/black Israeli Tichel to the mix in order to get a double braid goin’ on 🙂

For the double braid wrap, I just tucked the ends into the headband/other braid instead of tucking under!

I am alllllll for this color scheme and I never would have tried it if not for this dress!  It’s a pretty bold look for me, but having the purple by my face softens it enough that I think I can pull it off!  What do you think?

Wishing you all lots of joy, surprises, and successful new beginnings (it’s that time of year!)

Love, Andrea

6 thoughts on “Purple, Black, & Red!

  1. This outfit is Sensationally Stunning!!!!!!!!! Mamash! My senses went WOW …… it makes an impact accentuated by the use of colour in the tichel. It is ART!!!!! ❤ Fabulous for Sure ❤❤


  2. Summerdays

    Andrea, you look gorgeous as always! And I think the bold and dramatic colors suits you very well! (Although, you are one of those people who can wrap a bed sheet around your head and still look stunningly beautiful!) ;-)) Thank you for sharing this unusual combination – who would have guessed?


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