Let Your Surroundings Inspire You!

Imagine a mulberry tree, with berries shining like jewels in all shades of purple.  The leaves are green with life, and the sky is blue.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.00.03 PM

This is what inspired my look for today; two Shiny Licious, in bright navy and mulberry colors (the sky and the berries), combined with a green lace sash, like the leaves of the tree.  Let’s scroll down and check out the elements of this outfit:


Here it is without the dominant green lace – which do you like better?


The Berry Warm Poncho was just begging to be worn this morning!


And the Aquamarine Stream necklace and Indigo Horizon earrings tied the whole ensemble together!


As someone that used to be super strict about what matches and what doesn’t, (green and blue together?!  Never!)  I am loving how tichel tying is broadening my horizons.  Often we’re asked, how do I know what matches?  Should I just pair everything with black?  My answer lately is to look at nature and take my cues from there.  Check out these photos for inspiration!

Does this inspire adventurous ideas for you?  Please share!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Love, Andrea

4 thoughts on “Let Your Surroundings Inspire You!

  1. Meira Atik

    I wrote an article about color combinations. The old rules about what goes with what are long dead. What matters is what appeals to your eye and what flatters you. And nature is the best proof that all colors can go together beautifully.


  2. I love the look though I prefer just a touch of that green lace. When I feel like doing layered wraps (not that often) one of my favorite things to do is include just a little bit of some disparate element or color and use jewelry to blend things if needed. I’ve worn wraps inspired by Neapolitan ice cream, plants in my garden, or the seasonal liturgical colors of the vestments and altar dressings at church. There is inspiration all around!


  3. As a very young girl I used to complain to my mother about the clothes she made me wear. My mom loves bright colours, and her preference was reflected in the choices she made for me. Whenever I complained about clashing colours, she would show me a picture of a flower that had just those colours. I developed a taste for bright colors late in life. Currently, I like to experiment with combinations of blue and green.


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