Playin’ Ketchup (Catch-up!)

Hi Ladies!!

I’ve been all over the place lately, and my tichels have been with me!  Here are some scarves/outfits that I’ve been loving:

Shabbat preparation day in Far Rockaway:

Above, I’m wearing my Fantasy Garden tichel with a matching outfit!

Shabbat before/after in Far Rockaway:

I’m wearing a Sari that Rachel E. picked out especially for me, (her words, “if I were to see this sari scarf, I would think, ‘Andrea’!”), a cream shimmery, and empress circlet.  I basically did the same wrap for the evening as I did for the day, except with tails up, and in the last photo, my son is grabbing my foot!


My husband and I went to our first Thanksgiving dinner!  (He’s Israeli and I’m Canadian.)  I loved wearing these fall colors for the occasion.  A teal “favorite tshirt” tichel, an orange NYB, and gold roses headband.  My skirt is a recent find; it’s super old and I just unearthed it during a recent family visit!  (And it was perfect for the meal because I could expand the waist 😛 )

Rainy Day (Today):

I’m loving these embracing textures on a rainy day… and yes, that is a ‘COMFORT’ on my head that you’re seeing!  I found more!  Look for them on the store site soon!  (And yes we are getting more skirts too!)

I love how wearing happy, enlightening colors just lifts my mood.  Hope you are all able to do the same for yourselves!

Hope you enjoyed these!  Sending so much love to you all!

xx Andrea

12 thoughts on “Playin’ Ketchup (Catch-up!)

  1. Chanah

    Everything looks beautiful! I really like how that comfort looks. When you get them in, could you please include a tutorial. I bought one last year, but sent it back, because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. I really like the pink you have on, but it also came in a nice blue last year.


  2. Kerry Blumenthal

    i have been so soooo happy to see the return of tichel pics *WITH* the outfit, it sparks so many ideas for me when I go to get ready for my day! Soooooo, to all my sisters out there, when sharing your pics, i it is possible…snap a pic of your outfit too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Esther ross

    Mazel tov getting remarried!
    Oy he hates wrapping ,late wife was so sick and had to cover hair loss with scarves.
    Have hundreds of scsrves!!!!
    Esther ross oak park mi.


  4. Michelle Cahill

    Great that you got to have Thanksgiving dinner! It’s my favorite holiday hands down, even over our Jewish holidays. Every American, old or new can enjoy Thanksgiving! Good food, family, being thankful for what we have, it’s the best!


  5. You look great in all of them( tichels and clothing). So what did you and yo9ur lovely husband think of Thanksgiving…there is Canadian Thanksgiving day, but it must be somewhat different?


  6. HD

    Wonderful Pictures – you look so happy in all this. Will you give us a hint on Facebook when the Comfort tichels will be available? They look wonderful, especially the blue ones.


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