Perfect Performance Tichel

The concert series that I co-founded had its launch recital last night!  We had a gorgeous set up for the hall: the quartet facing each other and the audience all around us, so the back of my tichel got a lot more attention than usual!  You can bet that I spent some time on it!

Our colors were teal (of course!), silver, and black!

Guest Artist Violaine Melancon, Violist Sarah Lowenstein, Me, and Violinist Yonatan Grinberg (my husband)

Here’s my tichel!  I used an old applique headband (note to self – try to find more of these for y’all!), my teal shimmery and a new teal shiny-liscious that I’m hoping to get for the store!  Oh, and yeah, one of our sponsors is a makeup artist and did my makeup for the show!  Amazing!  (And shameless plug – please let me know if you want to become a sponsor.  We are a non profit aka tax deductible educational organization!)

Here is a shot of me taken before going to soundcheck!


And here are some action shots!  LOVED playing in this setting… so so grateful that we were able to put this together, yet another dream come true! Can’t wait for round 2!


And now, after all that (phew!), time to rest my hands and cuddle up with hubby & baby and watch some Star Wars 🙂

Love, Andrea

13 thoughts on “Perfect Performance Tichel

  1. Jocelyn

    Lovely pictures. Is there a you tube or something of the concert? I love string quartet music. And I happen to think teal and turquoise are both great colors in almost everyone.


  2. HD

    Dear Andrea, you look so dignified, beautiful and shining from within. Unbelievable. One can see that you completely love what you do.


  3. Rita

    You have to tell me where you get these skirts…they are seriously amazing! Where I live it’s hard to get maxi skirts and impossible to get gorgeous ones like this. 🙂


  4. Summerdays

    Andrea, I agree with what is said by the others… you look SO elegant and amazing! And the colors suits the group well – love that your husband is wearing it too! I would also love to hear/attend!


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