A Fancy Ruffled Waves Pouf!

This morning I had a photoshoot with my friend Khadijah for her book, so I got all decked out!  I recreated my previous Shabbat outfit and wanted to share with you how I did the whole ruffled waves pouf on the side!

Here is a not high quality photo… will post photos from the photoshoot later!

Ruffled Waves Pouf Wrapunzel

And here is the tutorial!

6 thoughts on “A Fancy Ruffled Waves Pouf!

  1. Idalia

    Is this the color-of the -week?
    I haven’t been receiving the email with the color of the week I seen the photos with it on facebook.


  2. Jocelyn

    I suggest you use some corsage pins hidden under the folds to help anchor the flower along with the decorative pin.


  3. rachelli

    loved your video! don’t think I can do something like that for myself but you looked super in it! much hatzlocha!


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