Our FIRST Wrapunzel Consultant, Shira!

We all love watching and learning from Wrapunzel’s tutorials online, but one of our most asked questions is: “Can I please come learn from you in person??”

Shira Wrapunzel
Hello Shira!

At Wrapunzel, it is our job to listen to you!  Meet Shira, here in Baltimore to help kallahs, beginners, and those that need some brushing up on their wrapping skills.  She is a trouble shooter extraordinaire and you will leave your session with confidence knowing that you (yes, you!) can do this!

Here I am interviewing her so you can get to know her!

And here is the info you want!  Soon this will go up on the official Wrapunzel website but we want to let you all know about this first!  To book your appointment to go learn from Shira or for more information, email her at shira@wrapunzel.com

Tutorial Sessions:
Having trouble getting started? Do you love watching our tutorial videos but then struggle to replicate them? Or do you know someone who is about to get married and can’t stop talking about how much she want to wear tichels? Wrapping does not come easy- it takes a lot of practice and patience to master that style you’ve been trying over and over again. That’s where we come in! The Wrapunzel team is here to support you through your wrapping journey. We’re here to help you learn the how-to’s of wrapping, from wearing a no-slip headband and volumizer, to the more intricate techniques, like regal wraps and multi-layered up-dos.

Wrapunzel Consultant Shira Gewirtz tailors these one-on-one sessions for each customer so you get exactly what you need. She will help you learn how to wrap successfully and feel great about this incredible mitzvah.

30-minute Sessions: $25.00
You’ll learn the how-to’s of: No slip headband, Volumizer, Picking the right scarf, Base scarf, Layering, Sashes, Headbands
Your choice of 3 wrapping techniques

One-Hour Sessions / Kallah Sessions: $50.00
You’ll learn the how-to’s of: No slip headband, Volumizer, Picking the right scarf, Base scarf, Layering, Sashes, Headbands
Your choice of 3 wrapping techniques

Beginner’s Bundle: $100.00
One-Hour Session
No-Slip Headband
Two 2-in-1 scarves (or scarves equal value)

12 thoughts on “Our FIRST Wrapunzel Consultant, Shira!

  1. Diane

    Shira, welcome to Wrapunzel. I love hearing your struggles with wrapping as I can relate. I am also a tactile person. I learn by doing, and also as a quilter and fiber artist, I find that wrapping is another way to use color and fabric. I’m an RN so I understand your wanting to be an Occupational Therapist. And that career is also hands on, so helping women to wrap will be great experience.
    I’m sorry that I don’t live anywhere near you. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I believe I’m the only one who covers with wrapping. Even my friends in Hadassah and my hair stylist don’t understand.

    We don’t have an Orthodox synagoge so we attend Chabad where very few women even wear hats. Only the Chabad rabbi’s wife wears a wig. And, there isn’t even a kosher restaurant. Most in the Jewish community are Reform or Conservative, and look at me oddly. I have no friends and definitely no family who not only don’t wrap but don’t even cover their hair. I often feel that people are looking at me and wondering if I have cancer. (By the way, on Twitter someone mentioned she had lost her hair to chemo and I referred her to Wrapunzel. I hope she joins our community which is so welcoming and accepting of everyone.)

    I noted how both you and Andrea have baby sons, so I just have to plug my grandchildren. Besides two granddaughters (6 yo & 4yo), we now have a grandson born Oct. 16 at night in Israel, and his bris was this Shabbat in Tel Aviv. i just had to kvell a bit! (I’m sure your mothers are doing the same:)

    And, sadly there aren’t enough women in Albuquerque to support a Wrapunzel affair or to have Shira come out here. But, let us know even it you do come out west to Arizona or San Francisco. We are always traveling:) I also love the Lakeshore Bliss especially for cooler weather, and I still have lots of problems adding other scarves so usually just use one at a time. This is where the hands on help would be so wonderful. As you mentioned, I learn so much better by doing.


  2. Yocheved

    What an amazing business for you! The prices are extremely reasonable, and it sounds like a lot of fun. If I knew of anyone in the area I would love to send them your way, Best of luck!


  3. Diane

    Welcome Shira! A very nice interview. I am a very tactile and hands on person and would really love hands on help, but I live 2000 miles away.

    Andrea, will you be able to find other women in other parts of the US who will be able to help those of us who cannot come to Baltimore?


  4. Diane Drexler-Little

    Hi Andrea,

    I have tried three times to post a comment including trying to reply to you. I don’t understand why it didn’t show. I have never had a problem posting in the past.

    I also selected to receive other comments, and nothing. Usually WordPress sends me something to agree, and even that didn’t happen. Please have someone check on this.

    Thank you, Diane Drexler-Little drexlerdl@aol.com

    אייפד של דינה


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