The “Wendy” Beret Volumizer How-To Tutorial!

The “Wendy” is taking the world by storm!  We are so in love with this revolutionary volumizer/shaper!  Here is a tutorial by Rachel showing the many ways to use it (with a little addition from Andrea at the end, showing the volumizer OFF of her head.)

Hi Rachel!

Hi Rachel!


21 thoughts on “The “Wendy” Beret Volumizer How-To Tutorial!

      • Rachel, I really appreciated that you mentioned your short hair. Like a crazy woman, I have gone for over 6 months without a haircut to grow it long enough to make a bun. The problems I have had is my low hairline on my forehead and back of my neck. So, growing my hair made it so I didnt need to keep using Bobby pins to keep the back hairs from creeping out.
        I hadn’t had any luck with any of the other shapers except for the signature one that I have been wearing with the Wrapunzel scrunchi.
        So, I ordered the Wendy and am glad I did. Now, I can go an get a decent haircut:)


  1. Thanks for the tutorials. I ordered one and now I have a better idea on how to use it. One question, though: how do you wash it? Hand wash? Do you need to remove the stuffing first?


    • It can go in the washer. I bought one directly from Wendy close to 6 months ago–it washes like a dream. However, remove the stuffing first. I didn’t and the stuffing got wadded up like throwing a cheap pillow into a washing machine. I had some new stuff here, but think I will look for a high-quality stuffing and see if I can leave it in. I am lazy like that–ha ha.


      • Heidi, thanks for the information on washing the Wendy. Since I’m a quilter and make stuffed teddy bears, I already do work with stuffing. And, I had z bad experience with the first pillow I made, too:)


    • yes, Wrapunzel is awesome and so are the wonderful women who do the work, find or make the wonderful items, and do these great tutorials. Kol Hakavod to all who work to make Wrapunzel such a wonderful, warm, and accepting place for women of all backgrounds and life situations.


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