Becoming our Best Selves – In the Zechut of Kayla Rus bat Bunim Tuvia

This is for the hair covering community, that has supported Rachel over the last few years during her daughter’s battle with cancer, but this is also for everyone.  Please share this as far and wide as you can, to hasten the coming of Moshiach and fill the void that this holy woman has left in this world.  May we storm the heavens with our efforts, bring nachat to our creator and may we know no more sorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Becoming our Best Selves – In the Zechut of Kayla Rus bat Bunim Tuvia

  1. I’m so sorry. I have filled out the form and I truly hope that I will be able to fill a small part of the space that wonderful young woman has left behind. Big hugs to everyone. She and her family will be in prayers xx


  2. mckenzif

    2015-09-08 Wrapunzel post

    So sad it takes the passing of a very young person to remind us how we should behave all the time.

    I only just learned about Wrapunzel in a June 4, 2015 article included in the newsletter.

    I studied Jewish customs while I worked in New York City prior to losing my job after 9/11. Many life changes since then!

    I forgot how much I miss having female friends and talking about all those things of the feminine side. As you all probably know, guys try to help, but they just don’t get excited about the same things women do. Being different is a positive thing. Think of bricks – you also need the mortar to hold the whole thing together.

    I really enjoy the blog and videos. Life where we live in New Mexico is oriented around Native American tribal culture. They tend to stick with their own, so it’s difficult to connect. I do admire their respect and care for the elderly. Coming into town to grocery shop or do laundry, they bring everyone along 🙂

    Due to the climate here, I pretty much do the loose desert dress thing. Intense sun requires you to cover up unless you want a bad burn or heat stroke! It will be enjoyable to try different scarf methods for sun protection that look attractive at the same time.

    All the best.


  3. Before my father died, he told me that he was extremely fortunate in that he never had to bury any of his children. I cannot imagine how devastating the pain must be for Rachel and her family right now. I know that they are saying all the right things that one is supposed to say to look spiritual and even be spiritual, but I could tell you that when my own father died that I was saying what I was supposed to say and I was thinking, “He’s in a better place but I want him HERE!”

    I threw a few temper tantrums with G-d, but He’s big enough to handle them! It still hurt to lose him. I just can’t imagine the pain of losing a child.

    I tapped the pledge to dress more modestly. I’ve already been working on it, but Kayla will be that little nudge to make it consistent! And I’ll avoid gossip. It took me several hours to decide what I would do. I wanted to click all of them, but it’s hard to be good and all things at all times.

    I’m a work in progress, I am wet cement. Changes must be gradual for me to make them stick!


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