Triple Waterfall Twist Tutorial!

I love when I get a swarm of requests for a tutorial!  Thanks so much for the encouragement, ladies!  Here is how to do the triple waterfall twist… please excuse my sleep deprived-ness 😛  Also I tried sticking a Satin Flower Clip into it for fun and WOW!  Hello new wedding wrap!

8 thoughts on “Triple Waterfall Twist Tutorial!

  1. Silvia

    Andrea, thank you so very much for that neat tutorial.

    This is probably totally independent of you, but just as a heads-up, in case this is something new to you ……. this video can only be viewed once one exits restricted mode on youtube…. It’s OK, as soon as the video has been seen restricted mode can be re-entered and saved and things are good 🙂

    Thank you again.


  2. Jocelyn

    I had no trouble seeing it so it seems whatever problem there was has been fixed.
    Great tutorial, thank you.
    Shabbat shalom


  3. Amazing! Thank you for the tutorial!
    I just tried my first layered waterfall twist this weekend, from the tutorial you once did with all the emerald and olive green colours, and I still need practise with this one. But then… I’ll know what to learn next 🙂


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