Why Not Try Four?

Okay… so I could explain to you the deep kabbalistic meaning behind “4”, or I could tell you how well these colors go together, or I could just tell you that this was a wacky idea and someone needs to stop me before I end up with ten 2 in 1s criss-crossed on my head!

4 Scarf Zig Zag Criss Cross Wrapunzel
It may be a little much… but I love it! So awesome!

Someone please tell me to stop before it’s too late? ❤

Shabbat shalom!
Love, Andrea

30 thoughts on “Why Not Try Four?

  1. Jocelyn

    It’s beautiful and you carry it off amazingly well. I can’t wear so much bulk in the back of my head though. I wish I could.


  2. Heather PIne

    You look beautiful as always. Your spirit shines out of you in every post. You KNOW what people are going to say though: Aren’t you hot in that?

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  3. Stop! Before it’s too late! Just kidding. Actually, it doesn’t look like too much at all, it looks gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing how many you can make work. If you can braid six I bet you can zigzag six!


  4. It is absolutely beautiful. Yesterday’s triple prompted me to try a 2 scarf zig zag. Don’t know why but I’ve done just about everything else but the zig zag intimidated me for some reason. I actually love love love this even more than the triple! The colors are AMAZING!


  5. Kelly

    I love wraps all styles always looking for a different ways to wear them. Maybe after I watch your tutorial about 50 times will give it a try. The color choices are really beautiful.


  6. Dawn

    I think you’re creative and have a talent many of us sisters would like to have!💯 Care to Share. Dawn of the Day!✌


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