Outfit Post!

Ooohhh it’s nice to be making outfit posts again!  Yesterday I went with my classic favourite combination: teal and brown!  I highlighted it with a gold sari sash which just made everything feel so rich!  Whenever I’m having difficulty figuring out what to wear, teal and brown is my go to.  It always makes me feel great!  Props to my husband for seeing the awesome lighting on this wall and taking the photos even though it was the middle of the night!

This new sari sash is one of my faves… it just matches everything!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

What is your “go to” color combo that always makes you feel great?  Let’s inspire each other!

All my love,

5 thoughts on “Outfit Post!

  1. Looks GOOD but everything you wear looks good and all of your tichels are fantastic. As one or your most enthused admirers I would like to compliment your good looks. You look great without make-up. You are always pretty with or without it. I’m not against some lip color (like I think you might have some on in these photos or a little powder)–for that matter *I’m not against anything* you choose for yourself. YOU always shine in a light that is supernatural and I’ve been following you for over a year now.

    I love your inspiration of using your face to light up another person’s day. I’ve watched your teaching on that. It’s a weak area for me. I’ll smile when I am working (not working currently) and I laugh easily and people like me but I do fall into the big city “chill” they call it now. Or I just allow my face to do whatever it wants. I’ve not learned, as you have, to put some effort into it. I want your good example in that area to rub off on me and help me.

    For me personally people started to treat me nicer when I stopped wearing makeup. I’m talking about strangers. People who know me already like me, if you know what I mean.

    Thank you!!!


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