D.B. Detailed Tutorial!!

I’m in Jerusalem!  And of course the first tutorial I make in the beautiful neighbourhood of Nachlaot is… a detailed version of the same video I made the last time we were staying in Nachlaot two years ago!  Here is how to do the Double Braid (the DB!) with 2 in 1s, with the ends tucked in!

12 thoughts on “D.B. Detailed Tutorial!!

  1. Mirjam

    Thank you for the details, it helps really! I wish I would be in Jerusalem too right now!!! Have a nice time there! Schabbat schalom!


  2. Devora Clark

    I just placed ANOTHER order … the shaper, to get a better form and some height on top of my head because my hair is short. Thank you for inspiring beautiful modesty in God’s women:)


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  4. Tovah Hofler

    Thank you for detailed tutorial. The tucking in the back is the hard part for me with the braids because of the pressure. I will use your tips in this video. Thank you! Shabbat Shalom!


  5. Laurel

    thanks for reporting to us from colorful, spiritual, FUN Nachlaot! Please do more vids there, w/different backgrounds….? That said, as you look around at the women of this year’s Jerusalem, you’ll see that heights are trending much higher. I also saw a lot of married Jewish women bucking all standard tichel “assembiles” and opting instead for what I’ve come to know as the Sikh woman’s headdress (a sort of wrap and roll/tuck, with no ties or knots). Please research, as each are fabulous examples of regality! And of course, present demos of both; they’re soooo desired!!!


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