20 thoughts on “How to Cover your WHOLE Head with a Sari Scarf!

  1. motherendurance

    Brilliant! And it’s going to be so helpful with a few of my favourite wraps that have been relegated to sash only status. Thanks Andrea!


  2. Annasarah Richard

    Thanks for the tutorial. After I watched the tutorial I thought.. What didn’t I think of that. It is so easy and doesn’t take long to do witch makes it perfect if an individual doesn’t have much time to get ready. Thanks again. I can’t wait until I try this look out. 🙂


  3. milkweeds

    I watched your tutorial on “covering your whole head with a Sari Scarf “….it works , looks great and feels good on…….thanks Andrea. You saved us hours of trial and much error.


  4. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing! I did something very similar years and years ago (long before I knew anything about covering, when I just played with scarves on my head because I liked them) but it didn’t stay on quite right. I need to find that old scarf and see if I can make it work this way!


    1. I suppose so! Even though it hasn’t happened to me yet, I would be nervous about the tucked tails slipping out sometime during the day without my noticing, so this gives peace of mind!


  5. abby

    what i have also done, is a method without a layering scarf-you take one end like you showed and pull it up over the bun to the top of your head. then, you take the other end and wrap it around your bun and tuck it in at the bottom of the bun. now, the end laying over your head has been secured by wrapping the other around. you can now wrap that end around and tuck into the bun as well. hope that makes sense.


  6. Rae

    thanks! I don’thave a sari (yet) but have other too thin wraps i can try this with. Still waiting anxiously for the tutrial on the rosette yu showed a few weeks back please please please!


  7. dahlia

    Hello , I have some questions about the mizpachat. Can you use the restroom with it ? Like you do not removed it?also do you do a preyer or a torah portion to put the mizpachat?


    1. Hi Dahlia! Do you mean to ask if it’s taken off to shower? Yes it is. In terms of basically using the restroom… you just leave it on. And no, there’s no special prayer or Torah portion said before putting it on.


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