Cozy Purple and Green

Here is what I wore!  I love the softness of these scarves and always feel wonderful when wearing them!

What are YOUR go-to scarves?  Do you have any that you just know you’ll feel great in?  Let’s hear about them!


18 thoughts on “Cozy Purple and Green

  1. My go-tos include:
    1) A 3 scarf combo with a square burgundy scarf, a square gold scarf and a black rectangular scarf. I braid the tails and wrap em around my bun. If I’m feeling adventurous I stick a burgundy flower clip near my ear.
    2) A square gold scarf with a rectangle turquoise scarf. I twist and tuck the edges up.
    3) A black sparkly rectangle scarf, a black rectangle scarf and a white square scarf that has a “shimmer”. I wrap the black against my forehead, overlay with the white shimmer for contrast, and then pile the black shimmer on top. I braid the tails, twist them up, leave one side not tucked in (reaches chin length) and stick a black flower clip in to keep the tail from dropping below my ear.

    Yeah, if I’m stressed or pressed for time, I wear one of those combos.


  2. wraptastica

    So far my go to has been a simple black rectangle this winter. When I want to go more for less weight I go for a thin patterned polyester rectangle. When I wear black nobody asks me why I cover. When I wear white or lighter colors i notice people frequently ask if I have a cancer diagnosis or received chemo. I need to get ahold of some squares that are not silk because I like the simplicity of them but silk slips more than I like for care free days. I really like this purple on you. Perfect color on you. I like the pin/broach as it just completes the whole look! Very classy but yet still fun.


  3. Eman

    Beautiful, Andrea, as always! Really inspiring. Thank you for all your inspirations converning modesty and headcovering.
    Just one question comes to my mind: why do you do so much effort to cover your hair, if you use a method, that always shows hair at least on the sides of your head, causes hair loss and headache? Wouldn’t there more easy yet stylish ways to cover the hair?


      1. Eman

        I often see jewish women starting to wrap their scarves just on the hairline.
        I start to wrap my scarf lower, I mean below my hairline. So my scarf starts already half way between eyebrows and hairline. Sometimes my scarf even touches the outer part of my eyebrows.
        Like for example this comes close to the way I wrap my hair:

        The lower you start with your turban on the forehead, the better it holds and you do not need something like these velvety bands underneath to prevent the scarf from slipping.
        Plus, it does not pull all the time backwards with all the volume of fabric on your back of your head,
        plus, you can wrap this very loose so that you do not get headache,
        plus, most important, you can cover your hair on the side of your head.
        (I often see covered jewish women like some fotos here in your blog, very skillfully and beautifully , and still the original hair is visible at least on the sides of your head.)
        Personally I like underscarves like for example these, which exist in a huge variety of colours and in comfy cotton fabric as well:
        These underscarves stay in place very well throughout the day. The losely wrapped scarf can easily be fixed to the underscarf with some pins.
        You can only top the comfort and modesty with these kind of underscarves:

        But I guess these ones would bring you too close to a muslim look and maybe as jewish women you would would not like this style.


        1. Lovely, thanks for sharing.
          I cover the way that I do because it’s what fits into my hashkafa. I’m glad that you have found a way that works for you! I have tried the methods that you suggested and didn’t find them flattering nor better for some of the issues you brought up, but maybe some other wome would. You will find very interesting opinions about the hair at the sides and back of one’s head and why that’s different form the rest of one’s hair. Just as some women are happy exposing a tefach of hair, I am comfortable with the way and amount that I cover. It sounds like you have found a way that you like as well, which is wonderful!


          1. Eman

            As a muslim woman, I did not know that there exist different jewish rulings concerning the hair on the sides and the back in contrast to the rest of the hair. That is interesting! One never stops learning. 😉 Most important, we are covering for the sake of our creator, cause He wants us to dress and to be modest. So I am very thankful for blogs like yours where women get inspirations and encouragement concerning the covering in a society full of “exposed flesh”.
            Blessings for you and your family. 🙂


  4. I guess my go-tos are a few of my Israeli rectangular scarves- they stay so nicely, are cool in the summer, and layer well in the winter. I have one in light blue, one in orange, and one in purple. Those tend to be my most-used items, I think, and the easiest to use in a variety of ways.


  5. Sari

    Wow that scarf really is gorgeous I’m sure it’s really comfortable too. I don’t know why but I’m still sticking to the basic Israeli tichels, they are really thin and simple. I guess it’s the first one I tried that actually worked! When I purchased it from there were so many other really nice ones but I guess I like to stick to simple. You make it look really nice though so maybe I should try something like yours soon. Thanks for the good ideas!


  6. Lauren

    I just got married last week, and I already have a go-to! It’s an Israeli tichel from Sara Attali that can either be worn as a full cover or a half cover. It’s a deep, rich blue with a floral pattern in the same color, with a strip of blue sequins at the front edged with yellow sequin flowers. I didn’t know what colors worked for me at first, so I bought a few designer tichels that looked like they would match my wardrobe. From there, I’ve figured out that I look good in the same colors that look good in my clothing (shocking, I know). Now I just need to figure out where to buy jewel-toned scarves in Israel when everyone is into pastels. 🙂


  7. Paulina

    I like to keep it simple, just one long scarf with the tails hanging down to my left shoulder. Usually my go-to solution is a green or a red one (my favourite colors) or a white one with narrow black stripes and tiny black dots. These scarves are not slippery and I can even wear them without a bonnet or underscarf. However, I also like to wear an underscarf in a contrasting color.


  8. Rae

    I had a couple of suggestions for your site to help with the practical aspects of learning great wrapping:

    1) a brief explanation in words of what wrap you used when you post a picture. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how you did it so saying something like: “this uses two rectangular scarves tied with a very layered wrap leaving the ends hanging” or something like that, even better a link to the tutorial that shows it, sometimes you do this but not always.

    2) sometimes I’ll find two or three scarves that look great together but I can’t figure out how to wrap them because they’re not necessarily the shapes required by the wrap I’d want to do so I’d appreciate either some more troubleshooting posts on topics like what to do with rectangular scarves that are a little narrow or too short, or what to do with e.g. a square scarf and a rectangular scarf together different options and how it varies the look, or “how to tie two rectangular scarves that are not the same length” “10 ways to use an israeli tichel” that kind of thing.

    Anyone else have ideas?


  9. The more I navigate your websites and facebook the more I find to love. I feel that I am being led to find a depper relationship with Gd. I feel that I am being led to return to the roots of my faith and to cover my hair. I feel driven to seek the truth and make many positive changes. I am so happy to find you. I am not Jewish but feel a deep connection to Jewish people. I want to learn as much as I can about Gd and serve him as he instructs and requires.
    I have been experimenting on wrapping my hair different ways. All of your pictures are beautiful.
    I also just recently started observing Shabbat and I and my sister are studying to learn moreabout the proper way to observe the feasts and the Torah.
    I have a website as well and a blog. It is a work in progress, as am I. I am so happy to belearning and on this wonderful journey.


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