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Busy Dress, Simple Scarf!

Sometimes a colourful, patterned dress calls for a simple scarf!  Here is a square scarf worn in a simple bun/twist style.  Check out the tutorial here!

IMG_2734 IMG_2737

Bright ‘n’ Beautiful!

I try to convey to women that one should continuously strive to love covering her hair (as with all mitzvot), which means coming to understand it deeply, emotionally, philosophically, logically, and then learning how to put all that knowledge into her daily practice.  On the same note, I would never advise a quiet, subdued woman begin by wearing outlandish wraps, same as I would not advise an extroverted, bubbly woman start covering by wearing something neutral.

That being said, we are so much more than the labels that we give ourselves, and I ALWAYS encourage women to try something new and not get stuck in a hair wrapping rut.  I have often surprised myself by loving colours and styles that I had previously deemed “not me”.  Hence the story behind this beautiful wrap;  Hot pink, bright green and a huge yellow flower?  So not “me”.  But I tried it, and ended up loving it!

Here are too many pictures of this beautiful wrap.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel

andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel

andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel

andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel

How do I love my velvet headband…

… let me count the ways!

I got this super silky scarf, and my [almost] sister in law expressed her concern for how it would slip off easily!  Enter the velvet headband!  With it, I can wear the slipperiest scarves for hours and hours, and I don’t even need to check on it!


As well… check out this scarf!  It’s much less colourful than my usual, but is elegant and looks beautiful without a complicated tie or volumizer.

Wrap du Jour!

Here is today’s wrap.  I felt like I was doing something quick and simple when I wrapped it in the morning, but every time I looked at it I was impressed with how well it matched my outfit (I had on a turquoise skirt).  Just goes to show you that a patterned shirt can bring together clashing scarves!  Hmm… maybe this is a key to world peace!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel andrea grinberg wrapunzel tichel

Twisted Orange!

I have never tried doing a single twist with one scarf before… it was time to give it a go!  The result was beautiful;  Intricate yet casual.  I will definitely be doing this one again!