12 thoughts on “Dark Red Viola

  1. Myriam Feinberg

    I agree with your student! It does look very nice! Beautiful scarf and tie. I usually don’t like ‘hanging’ wraps on me but this looks really nice so I might give it a try….


  2. Katharina

    How wonderful! One of my favourite looks of yours so far! I am a red addict… If I don’t get a daily dose red, I don’t function properly. 😉 You look wonderful – have to try that as well – in case I find such a fabulous tichel! Where did you get yours from? I love the embroidery!


  3. Paulina

    It seems the little violist was right. I have noticed that coulours like dark red or dark green or even purple often work well for pale complexions like yours and my own.


  4. Beth C. Gardens

    I love the way you wrapped this one as well. Did you use a hair band like you would a ponytail? I really like scarf styles that don’t have a lot of volume on top, it seems to fit me better.


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