Fancy Tie Tutorial!

Hello Everyone!  Here is the tutorial showing how to do the new fancy tie that I just featured!

… and you can look forward to two more videos tutorials of requested ties that I made today!  They will be posted this week!

4 thoughts on “Fancy Tie Tutorial!

  1. Awesome video as always and many thanks for the clarification on the 4 strand braid, I had often wondered just exactly how to technically work that out, so I will definitely be giving this a try later this week!


  2. sabrina

    this website and you women are so inspirational for me!! thanks so much. I was lloking for a solution because next week I wil begin chemio for my breast and was so depressed and now I’ve seen lots of you so beautiful and I will try with scarves for my loss of hairs. Thanks so muc, I can still be feminine. Thanks a lot. Sabrina


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