Deep Ocean Hues

I love this scarf.  Mostly because my husband got it for me, but also because it is so versatile and makes it look like I am wearing more than one.  And the colour.  Of course the best thing is the colour.  Keep an eye out for scarves with wide vertical stripes like this!

In these photos, I am wearing a basic regal wrap with a brooch added for a little extra sparkle.

5 thoughts on “Deep Ocean Hues

  1. Chava Canales

    This is so beautiful. I wear a lot of blues myself. My youngest daughter bought me the most gorgeous gold sparkly tichel and I’m wearing it in a turban type wrap tomorrow for work, thanks to your tutorials, I can actually do those now!


  2. LeeAnn

    yep! absolutely love this scarf! Thank you for telling us that it is just one scarf. I have been meaning to ask you for a tutorial on the tichel that you have posted with this scarf from earlier in your blog. love love love


  3. miriam

    I do not know how long is your hair, but if you would use hair donut under the scarf it would look a bit more shaped, the behind part.


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