The Cyclists Solution #1

I bike to work pretty much every day.  Usually I wear a thin scarf/pretied underneath my helmet and arrive early so I can wrap my headscarf in the bathroom… however, I wanted to create a tie that looks nice as soon as one takes the helmet off.  Here it my first solution!  I tied a square scarf in triangle style. but I let the tucked in end hang down a little more than usual, allowing my ponytail to be low and creating a “snood”-like look.  It definitely worked well under the helmet.  What do you think?  Are there any other cyclists on here?

5 thoughts on “The Cyclists Solution #1

  1. taycia

    I cycle almost every day over the summer (gets way too cold out here in eastern MT in the winter), this is a fantastic solution to keep my hair under control under my helmet.


  2. Tamar

    Nice! I Will try this for sure. In Holland it is not obligated to wear a helmet when you are cycling, but the style just looks so nice.


  3. This looks like a good travel solution too- I’m always trying different ways to keep my bun out of the way, since it becomes uncomfortable for me to sit in a bus or plane seat with many of my usual styles. I’ve had some successes with something very similar(with my hair braided, instead of in a ponytail), or with moving my hair onto the very top of my head, but for the less tangle-prone among us, your method looks great.


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