The Rebbetzin

A “Rebbetzin” is the word most commonly associated with an Ashkenaz, female Jewish mentor (usually she is married to a Rabbi).  In Sephardic circles, it’s “Rabbanit” (and the man is a Rav).

Anyway, this is the tie that my Rebbetzin wears, and every time I tie my scarf this way, I think of her because she wears it so beautifully.  It perfectly shows her artistic side, and lets her soul shine so brightly.  It’s also easy and not intimidating… perfect for giving wisdom and clarity to others!

5 thoughts on “The Rebbetzin

  1. Vicki Hassessian

    Good morning Andrea,

    I like this look very much and it looks easy. Do you have a tutorial for this in your archives?



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