18 thoughts on “Do The Twist!

  1. Kimberly Burns

    I did this one today for Easter Mass with an orange sherbet colored scarf and a pink one, and I got loads and loads of compliments, even from people who aren’t all the supportive of me covering were telling me how beautiful it was!!!! Thank you, Andrea 🙂 your photos and tutorials have been such an inspiration…


      1. Kimberly Burns

        this was the first wrap my in-laws had seen me in for about 2 years, and instead of all the strange looks, and whispers behind hands of “what in the world is she doing now?” that came the first time I was covering full-time; I got multiple ohhs and ahhs…we are the only Catholics in a family of hard-core Protestants, mostly Evangelicals, Methodists, and Baptists, so often anything I do is attributed to being “different” religiously. Faith is a prickly thing with some people hard to discuss, it took us almost a year to even convince my in-laws we were even Christians due to some serious misconceptions about our faith. It was such a nice change that the family was so open, even last week I got compliments again…big smiles and questions about HOW did I manage to do that, I am hoping pretty soon we can move to the WHY, and if the communication stay as positive as it has been since I have been covering this way, a few bridges might be built between the different faiths in our family!!!


  2. I watched and then did it all through Pesach, only to hear amazing comments. Thank you so much. I like to do some crazy stuff, but this brought it down to something really regal.


  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I wore my tichel like that for my granny’s birthday party (she turned 85!) and it was a super-success. Got lots of compliments even from those guests who, as I know, are usually strongly against headcoverings 😉


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