Yellow & Gold

After last week’s surprise success with the colour yellow, I was encouraged by a special reader to try wrapping with a gold scarf.  The funny (and amazing) thing is that within a few hours of receiving her suggestion, I was waiting for a friend who was running late and decided to duck into a gift shop.  All their “winter” scarves were on a huge sale, and I put winter in quotes because included was a beautiful, sheer, woven gold scarf.  This is the wrap that I created with it… and YES, I will make a video tutorial on how to do the twist part, because I just figured it out!

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I took these photos with a faulty camera in a room with inadequate light, so I had to play with the settings on my computer to make them look acceptable… yay artsy!

5 thoughts on “Yellow & Gold

  1. How lovely! I’m looking forward to seeing how you treat the tails. (Do you twist them in opposite directions? I vaguely remember making fringe that way for a woven blanket.)


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