Green & Blue

Y’all encouraged my colour experiment with light green last week, so I am wearing the green scarf once more!  I contrasted it with my blue flowered scarf and wrapped it into a layered wrap, which was surprisingly easy to do, given how long I’ve gone without tying one of these!

So the conclusion is: for those of you that may have had trouble with the “Layered Look” wrap, just be persistent!  Once you get it, you won’t forget it!  (The one difference between this wrap and the one in the video is that I tucked the ends into themselves instead of underneath the wrap, and left one of the green ends hanging down.)

5 thoughts on “Green & Blue

  1. I love the way that the colors of your scarves are distinct and yet create a definite blended impression that’s different from either one on its own.


  2. Sarah

    I love this one! But, I need help :). I’ve figured out the layered look from your video, but even with your description of the slight change you made for this one, I’m stumped. I’d love a tutorial or a little more info so I can copy this gorgeous wrap 🙂

    Thanks for all your beautiful creations and inspiration!


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